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What is Ray Lewis ethnicity?

What is Ray Lewis ethnicity?

Ray Lewis Early life His birth sign is Taurus. He holds the nationality of United States, his ethnicity seems to be an Afro-American. He was raised alongside his four siblings Keon Lattimore, Laquesha Jenkins, Lakeisha Jenkins, and Kadaja Holloway by their parents: mother, Sunseri, and father, Elbert Ray Jackson.

Who is Ray Lewis father?

Elbert Ray Jackson
Ray Lewis/Fathers

Lewis didn’t meet his father, Ray Jackson — a record-setting wrestler as well as a football player at Kathleen in the 1970s — until he was in high school. Although his mother was married at times, for the most part, Lewis grew up in a single-parent home.

What is Ray Lewis religion?

But no matter how incredible his accomplishments on the field were, Lewis will always be followed by his arrest for murder in 2000 (charges were dropped). Lewis opened up to S.L. Price about his Christian faith in this story, which originally appeared in the November 13, 2006 issue of Sports Illustrated.

What is Ray Lewis real name?

Ray Anthony Lewis
Ray Lewis, in full Ray Anthony Lewis, (born May 15, 1975, Bartow, Florida, U.S.), American professional gridiron football player who is considered to be one of the greatest linebackers in National Football League (NFL) history.

Where was Ray Lewis born and where did he grow up?

Ray Lewis was born on May 15, 1975, in Bartow, Florida. His birth name is Raymond Anthony Lewis Jr. His nationality is American. Lewis belongs to White ethnicity while Taurus is his zodiac sign. Lewis was born to Elbert Ray Jackson (father) and Sunseria (mother).

How many kids did Ray Lewis have in college?

Ray Lewis played college football for the Miami Hurricanes and won All America honors. In Lewis’s personal life, he is unmarried but has six kids with four different women. Raymond Anthony Lewis Jr. (Ray Lewis)was born on 15 May 1975 in Bartow, Florida.

Who is Ray Lewis of the Baltimore Ravens?

Lewis is famous as the greatest football linebacker of the Baltimore Ravens of NFL. Lewis is known for his eligibility as he was selected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in his first year. Baltimore Ravens’ legendary football linebacker, Ray Lewis. Source: @sho.com When and Where was Ray Lewis Born?

Where did Ray Lewis play college football at?

College career. Lewis enrolled in the University of Miami, where he was a member of the Miami Hurricanes football team. As a freshman, he was an immediate contributor and became a starter for the Hurricanes’ final five games.