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What is nitrogen trifluoride formula?

What is nitrogen trifluoride formula?

Nitrogen trifluoride/Formula

What is the chemical name of compound n2f3?

Nitrogen trifluoride

Chemical formula NF3
Molar mass 71.00 g/mol
Appearance colorless gas
Odor moldy

What is the name of nci3?

Nitrogen trichloride
Nitrogen trichloride

PubChem CID 61437
Structure Find Similar Structures
Molecular Formula NCl3 or Cl3N
Synonyms Nitrogen trichloride Trichloramine Agene NITROGEN CHLORIDE Trichlorine nitride More…
Molecular Weight 120.36

What is the correct name for n3f?

Nitrogen pentafluoride, NF. Dinitrogen difluoride, N2F. Tetrafluorohydrazine, N2F.

Where is nitrogen trifluoride used?

How does this update affect my organization? NF3 is used in a relatively small number of industrial processes. It is primarily produced in the manufacture of semiconductors and LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) panels, and certain types of solar panels and chemical lasers.

What is the name of K2O?

Potassium oxide
Potassium oxide (K2O) is an ionic compound of potassium and oxygen. It is a base. This pale yellow solid, the simplest oxide of potassium, is a rarely encountered, highly reactive compound.

Why nitrogen trichloride is explosive?

When aqueous solutions of rock salts containing ammonium ions are electrolyzed, NCl3 is also generated by a reaction of chlorine and ammonia, which will result in explosion [17]. Thus, the mechanism of generation of NCl3 from chlorine [18] and decomposition of the NCl3 [19], [20] have been investigated.

Is nitrogen a trifluoride?

Nitrogen trifluoride, NF3, is a colorless gas. It melts at − 129 °C and boils at − 206 °C. It has a musty, pungent odor. Nitrogen trifluoride is a toxic substance and is most hazardous by inhalation.