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What is Kimochi II?

What is Kimochi II?

What you’ve heard is kimochi-ii, with that drawn out “ii” sound. That “ii” means “good.” So, literally it means good feeling. “Kimochi-ii” (気持ちいい) said aloud, and without any specifying qualifiers, can sound a bit, shall we say “over excited.” You may also see/hear this word as kimochi-yoi.

What does Kimochi Yamete means?

it feels good/feeling.

What is Kimochi desu?

What Does Ang Kimochi mean?

kimotti/기모띠 comes from the japanese expression kimochi, which means „it feels good“, or „to feel good“ ang/앙 is just „ah“ with an ㅇ at the end to make it sound more cute lol so its basically like „ah it feels good“, which is often used in japanese pornography… its just dirty slant.

What does the second part of the word kimochi mean?

The second part of kimochi is 持ち mochi which means to have, or to be in possession of (something). So if you break down the word kanji by kanji, you can understand is as “to have a feeling” but as a whole the word 気持ち kimochi means feeling, or sensation.

When do you use Kimochi warui in a sentence?

When “kimochi warui” is used together with a word referring to the speaker or used alone, it would mean ‘to feel sick’. Then, let’s take a look at the next example in which “kimochi warui” is used together with another pronoun. He is disgusting. Below is a new word used in the example sentence.

What is the meaning of the Japanese word Kimoi?

kimoi – キモい (きもい) : an i-adjective meaning ‘disgusting’, ‘gross’ or ‘creepy’ in Japanese. This is it. As its appearance suggests, it is made by connecting two words, “kimochi (きもち)” and “warui (わるい)”.

What does Hashitte Iru no wa Kimochi ii desu mean?

Hashitte iru no wa kimochi ii desu. It feels good to be running. Since 気持ち ends with the same sound that いい starts with, it often sounds like people are saying a single word with a long ending vowel. Kind of like, kimochiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii