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What is BTh Honours?

What is BTh Honours?

The Degree of Bachelor of Theology (Hons) is a two-year, part-time programme designed for students who have obtained an undergraduate degree in theology at NQF level 7 and who wish to further their qualifications at postgraduate level and ultimately gain access to further postgraduate study at Master’s level (NQF Level …

What is an Honours university course?

Honours is an additional qualification where you can build on your undergraduate studies by completing a self-directed research project and disciplinary or research-focused coursework. This may be integrated into your undergraduate degree or require an additional year of study. 1.

Can I add Honours to my degree?

No. The class of a degree is not written in your post-nominal qualifications. You can add it in he educational details on your CV.

What is Higher Certificate in theology?

The Higher Certificate in Theology requires 166 credits at NQF level 5 and takes a minimum period of one academic year to complete. It consists of eight compulsory theology modules (128 credits), one university module, TCLI1510 (6 credits), and one foundational provisional module, EALH1508 (32 credits).

Why did I choose the BTH honours program?

You would be likely to choose the BTh Honours for one or two reasons. Firstly, it serves as a bridge between Bachelors level coursework and Masters level research. Secondly, it provides a potential access point into theological studies for students who have degrees in other disciplines.

Can you get an honours degree in theology?

BTh (Honours) degree The Honours degree is open to students who have an accredited three-year undergraduate degree in theology or, with permission from the University, a three-year diploma with evidence of appropriate academic competence and relevant ministerial experience.

What are the requirements for an honours degree?

It is important to note that the requirements and stipulations of honours degrees and postgraduate diplomas differ from faculty to faculty. Please use the contact details below to find out more about the options (if any) within each faculty.

Is the Bachelor of Arts at Oxford an honours degree?

Contrary to common UK practice, Oxford does not award bachelor’s degrees with honours; however, a student whose degree is classified third class or higher is considered “to have achieved honours status”. Until recently, all undergraduates studied for the degree of Bachelor of Arts. The BFA was introduced in 1978.