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What is Book Character Day?

What is Book Character Day?

On Book Character Day, students and staff dress up as their favorite characters from books they love. We bring the book that our character is in, and we have a parade around campus. It’s a blast!

How do you dress like a spy kid?

Dress your girl in a skirt suit, or a matching jacket and knee-length skirt. Spies are generally well dressed. A simple black dress may also be worn.

What can teachers dress up as for World Book Day?

Here are our World Book Day costume ideas for teachers:

  • Peter Rabbit from The Tale of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter.
  • Floella in Coming to England, by Floella Benjamin and Diane Ewen.
  • Mary Poppins by Pamela Lydon Travers.
  • Robin Hood from The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood, by Howard Pye.
  • Matilda from Matilda, by Roald Dahl.

How to dress up as your favorite book character?

Dress up as your favorite book character and have a Happy Bookish Halloween (or World Book Day)! How about one of these book character costume ideas from the favorite children’s picture and chapter books?

What’s the best book character dress up day?

List of Best Ever Grade Level Costumes – Great ideas for Halloween, Book Character Day, Spirit Week, Red Ribbon dress up week, and more! Get your teacher friends together and get your group costumes on this year for Halloween! Here are some ideas to help inspire your creativity. Halloween is only a month away.

Can a teacher dress as a book character?

I got really into the idea when I taught in a district that didn’t allow Halloween costumes and instead encouraged kids and teachers to dress as characters from children’s literature. We held a Book Character Parade around the school to show off our costumes and it was so much fun to see what all the kids wore!

What’s the best book character costume for kids?

The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Winnie the Pooh are two favorite ideas for babies and toddlers — talk about cute! What other book character costume ideas do you have?