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What is a hoplite shield?

What is a hoplite shield?

The Hoplite Shield is a Large Shield in Demon’s Souls Remake. This type of shield works best at reducing damage or guarding, and cannot be used to parry. A medium-sized metal shield, specifically designed for Boletarian Legions.

How big is a hoplite shield?

Hoplites carried a large concave shield called an aspis (often referred to as a hoplon), measuring between 80–100 centimetres (31–39 in) in diameter and weighing between 6.5–8 kilograms (14–18 lbs). This large shield was made possible partly by its shape, which allowed it to be supported on the shoulder.

What was the distinguishing feature of the hoplite shield?

122). The hoplite shield was round with an offset rim, which could rest on the shoulder to help with the weight. The main distinguishing feature is the way it was carried. It has a central arm-band, called the porpax, through which the left arm was passed up to the elbow.

What were Macedonian pikemen called?

phalanx pezhetairoi
Philip called the soldiers in the phalanx pezhetairoi, meaning “foot-companions”, bolstering the importance of the phalanx to the king.

What kind of shield did the hoplites use?

These were often faced with bronze blazons or devices, and in many cases were entirely faced in bronze (the facing of such a shield can be seen in Figure 20). The shield of the ancient Greek Hoplite also made use of a new and innovative method of holding and managing its weight in combat.

What did the pezhetairoi do to the enemy?

Pezhetairoi were very effective against both enemy cavalry and infantry, as their long pikes could be used to impale enemies charging on horse-back or to keep enemy infantry with shorter weapons at bay. The pezhetairoi were the battalions of the Macedonian phalanx.

How did the spear work in the hoplite system?

The shield and spear functioned in harmony in the hoplite system, creating a robust wall of wood with spear thrusts coming from above the shield to drive the attack against the enemy lines.

What did the pezhetairoi stand for in Greek mythology?

The pezhetairoi ( Greek: πεζέταιροι, singular: pezhetairos) were the backbone of the Macedonian army and Diadochi kingdoms. They were literally “foot companions” (in Greek, pezos means “pedestrian” and hetairos means “companion” or “friend”).