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What is a good double major with philosophy?

What is a good double major with philosophy?

Majoring in philosophy is great, maybe double major in political science or, dare I say, math. Philosophy and math go hand in hand in terms of logic. Maybe even major in Logic if you can. You could double major in practically anything.

What is a good major to pair with philosophy?

These assets along with an inclination toward logic and inquiry can prepare philosophy majors for careers in academics, political science, social science, business and many other fields. Pairing their philosophy studies with coursework in their intended field can help graduates increase job opportunities, too.

What are good double major combinations?

The Best Combinations of Double Majors

Accounting and computer information systems Accounting and finance
Communication and business Communication and marketing
Criminal justice and psychology Economics and business
Economics and marketing Economics and mathematics
Economics and statistics Economics and supply chain management

Can I double major in history and philosophy?

Both History and Philosophy require a Senior Thesis of all its majors, so students will be able to choose in which department to complete their Senior Thesis requirement (but will not need to do both). History will wave 6 credit hours of its 36 required credit hours for double-major.

What should I double major in with philosophy?

You should choose anything that provides you with marketable skills, because philosophy alone will generally not provide that. The purpose of a liberal arts degree is to find a job ultimately. The reason employers hire degreed versus diplomaed (think tech school) graduates is the breadth of their academic training.

What does it mean to major in philosophy in college?

The decision to major in philosophy already takes a commitment. It taxes your intellectual attention during college, and influences your life more than you can discern forward. The simultaneous decision to double major means that your attention gets divided between two disciplines, until you have the ability to combine or synthesize them.

What does double use of a course mean?

Double use of a course means using one course for two different major requirements. This is generally allowed only for course requirements in the major, and not for other requirements. The exception to this is that PPEL allows double dipping with a Philosophy or Economics minor.

Which is better double major or dual degree?

Students who pursue double majors and dual degrees report their education experience as more favorable than students who pursue single majors/degrees, and they are more likely to be accepted into their preferred graduate program, and have more options for graduate degree programs.