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What is a giant star grass?

What is a giant star grass?

: a perennial grass (Cynodon plectostachyum) that has stems attaining a height of three to four feet and that is used especially in Africa and India for pasture and hay.

Is there star grass in Africa?

plectostachyus is native to East Africa (Clayton et al., 2015).

What are the characteristics of giant star grass?

Morphological feature: Giant star grass is a stoloniferous perennial without rhizomes. The stolons are woody and lie flat on the surface up to 2 meters long. Culms are soft and robust, up to 60 cm high, flowering culms somewhat slender. Leaf blades are linear, acute, flat, 5-15 cm by 2-6 mm.

What is star grass used for?

Traditional Medicinal Use This plant is referred to as “cane medicine” by the Lumbee and the whole plant is used to treat diarrhea. The roots were used to treat cramps, colic, gas, rheumatism, and jaundice, as well as to strengthen the womb.

What kind of grass is giant star grass?

Giant star grass ( Cynodon plectostachyus (K. Schum.) Pilger) is a robust, stoloniferous perennial grass with underground rhizomes. The stolons are thick, woody, with long internodes arching above the soil surface.

Where does the data for Star Grass come from?

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: This datasheet is pending revision and updating; its contents are currently derived from FAO’s Animal Feed Resources Information System (1991-2002) and from Bo Göhl’s Tropical Feeds (1976-1982).

How big is a giant star when it leaves the main sequence?

Main-sequence stars with masses above about 12 M☉ are already very luminous and they move horizontally across the HR diagram when they leave the main sequence, briefly becoming blue giants before they expand further into blue supergiants.

Where can you find star grass in Florida?

Native from Maine to Florida and west to Texas. Usually found in dryish, open woodlands, growing in sandy or stony soil. Grassy, somewhat hairy, foot-long leaves rise from a short rhizome. In spring and early summer, a foot-tall stem carries one to seven bright yellow, starlike, inch-wide flowers. A second bloom may follow later.