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What is a CAIB designation?

What is a CAIB designation?

What is a CAIB designation? It is a professional designation created by the Insurance Brokers Association of Canada (IBAC). It’s a nationally recognized designation that is basically a way to establish yourself as an insurance expert and build credibility within the industry and with clients.

What is the difference between CIP and CAIB?

The CAIB acronym stands for Canadian Accredited Insurance Broker, its similar to the CIP designation but it’s more geared towards those who intend to build a career on the broker/agent side. Many people start with the CAIB Designation and then move on to CIP.

How do you beat CAIB?

10 Tips to Help You Study for and Pass the Level 1 & CAIB Exams

  1. Get started early – IBABC recommends that you give yourself 6 weeks of prep time and studying a total of 70 hours.
  2. Have a plan – Set deadlines for when you will be completing each chapter and avoid studying very late at night.

How do I sell my insurance in BC?

To be an insurance broker in B.C., you must be licensed. General insurance licences are obtained through the Insurance Council of B.C., 604-688-0321. In order to qualify for a licence, you must have passed one of the approved pre-licensing exams offered exclusively by IBABC.

Who is the Commissioner of ferries in BC?

The commissioner regulates the ferry operator British Columbia Ferry Services Inc. (BC Ferries) on 24 saltwater routes. The commissioner is independent of both the provincial government and of BC Ferries. The primary responsibility of the commissioner is to regulate ferry fares.

What do you need to know about ferries in BC?

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Is there a CAIB program for insurance brokers in Canada?

The Canadian Accredited Insurance Broker (CAIB) program is a national, professional designation program that’s provided by the Insurance Brokers Association of Canada (IBAC). If you’re employed by an IBABC-member brokerage, completion of all four CAIB courses will earn you a CAIB designation.

What do you need to know about CAIB in Canada?

Exposure identification and the Canadian legal system as it relates to general liability – commercial auto, marine, aviation, surety and risk management. Human resources, culture, technology, operating systems, the relationship with insurance companies, financial management and monitoring effectiveness.