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What happens at the end of healer?

What happens at the end of healer?

At the ending of the movie, the audience gets to see Alec’s portrait on the wall indicating that he had this gift from the start as the dog also behaves weirdly with him. The ending of The Healer falls just short of making it clear that God is capable of magical healing.

How many EP does healer have?

20 episodes
Healer (Korean: 힐러; RR: Hilleo) is a 2014–2015 South Korean television series starring Ji Chang-wook, Park Min-young and Yoo Ji-tae. It aired on KBS2 from December 8, 2014 to February 10, 2015 on Mondays and Tuesdays at 22:00 for 20 episodes.

Is there a healer Season 2?

Redo of Healer Season 2 Release Date: When will it premiere? Redo of Healer is yet to be officially renewed for season 2, but if it does get a new season, then it most likely will air in late 2022 since the season 1 aired from January 13 to March 31, 2021, and it usually takes around 1-2 years to create a new season.

Who is the informant in healer episode 20?

Jung-hoo finds that recording from the informant and plays it for his team over the line: The caller identifies herself as Kim Jae-yoon, a biochemist doing research in Russia.

What happens in the final episode of healer?

Manager Ahn leads the Double S team to Min-ja’s abandoned hacker den, ransacking her shelves. She’s taken all the important stuff, though, and the guards kick things in anger, which is satisfying. Jong-soo drives Young-shin home after work and angles for an invitation, but gets sent home instead. Ha, will Jong-soo ever catch a break?

Is the book healer by Rakuten Viki good?

And fallen in love.And then the truths buried in the past begin to come to light.While fighting against the reality they’ll inherit from their parents, their cheeky, passionate romance gratifyingly heals both themselves and the world. Fetching results… No reviews yet. Be the first to add a review. Tap to make it happen.

What did Jung hoo do at the healer lair?

At the Healer lair, Jung-hoo sits down before a camera, answering questions from a list. One, he’s the Healer, and two, his job is nighttime courier. Three: Was this job his dream? Jung-hoo scoffs, and says that his initial dream was to buy an uninhabited island. But then he met this woman—and he can’t hide his smile—and the dream changed.