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What happened to Nikki Sanders heroes?

What happened to Nikki Sanders heroes?

Nicole “Niki” Sanders was a former casino worker in Las Vegas. She was raising her son, Micah, alone because her husband D.L. was a fugitive. As the virus progressed, Niki returned to New Orleans to stay with Micah. She was later killed in an explosion after she saved Monica Dawson.

Who played Nikki in heroes?

Ali Larter
This article describes a work or element of fiction in a primarily in-universe style.

Niki Sanders
Heroes character
Ali Larter as Niki Sanders
First appearance “Genesis”
Last appearance “Powerless” (alive); “One of Us, One of Them” (corpse)

Why does Tracy Strauss look like Niki?

She was the captured by Danko and imprisoned in Building 26. Tracy was later rescued by her nephew, Micah Sanders, who was forming a rebellion against Nathan and Danko, and sacrificed herself to allow him to escape. When she goes to his hospital room, Nathan automatically thinks that Tracy is Niki.

Is DL dead?

He was also inside for stealing two million dollars, something he didn’t do; Jessica (Niki’s alter ego) had framed D.L. D.L jumped in front of her and took the bullet. DL then killed Linderman and Niki saved Micah. At the end of Season 1, DL was wounded but alive.

What happens to Niki at the end of Heroes?

There, Niki ran into Nathan and had a surprisingly good time with him but did not go through with the deal. She is assaulted by one of Linderman’s lackeys in the elevator where she reverts to her alter ego, beats up the lackey, and returns to Nathan’s hotel room to sleep with him.

Who is Mr Linderman in the TV show Heroes?

Later taking her son to her friend Tina’s house, Niki talks with the woman about her situation. She explains that Mr. Linderman, who appears to be a loan shark with mafia connections, sent the home invaders seen earlier. Niki borrowed tens of thousands of dollars from him for Micah’s tuition, which has now been lost.

Why did Niki steal the money from Mr Linderman?

Later Niki’s alternate personality reveals that it was she that stole the $2 million from Mr. Linderman, killed D.L.’s crew, and killed the men D.L. took her to see previously all in order to cover up the theft.

What did Miss Sakamoto tell Niki about Nathan?

Niki is woken up by Nathan’s campaign manager who asks her what she did with Nathan. Miss Sakamoto tells the man that they will take care of finding Nathan and he leaves. Miss Sakamoto tells Niki that she is debt-free now that she has seduced Nathan, and shows her the tape of their liaison.