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What happened at the ending of 28 weeks later?

What happened at the ending of 28 weeks later?

When the survivors are driving to escape the toxic gas, the windshield is covered in blood, which disappears in the next shot, then reappears. The infected Don beats Scarlet to death with the butt end of Doyle’s M4 rifle. However, through the scope, it appears that he is using the other end to beat her to death.

How did the mom survive in 28 weeks later?

-I love you, Don… —Alice’s last words to Don, and forgives her. Before killed by Don….Alice Harris.

Portrayed by: Catherine McCormack
Category: Carrier
Status: Deceased
Cause of death: Quickly bitten on the throat then eyes gouged out, and then beaten to death by Donald Harris

Who is the director of 28 weeks later?

28 Weeks Later is a 2007 horror film directed by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, a sequel to the 2002 film 28 Days Later.

Where does the movie 28 weeks later take place?

It is set after the events of the first film, depicting the efforts of NATO military forces to salvage a safe zone in London, the consequence of two young siblings breaking protocol to find their infected mother, and the resulting reintroduction of the Rage Virus to the safe zone.

How many weeks later is 28 weeks later?

28 Days Later: Mainland Britain has been destroyed by the Rage virus. 5 Weeks Later: The infected have died of starvation. 11 Weeks Later: An American-Led NATO force enters London. 18 Weeks Later: Mainland Britain is declared free of infection.

Is there a sequel to 28 weeks later?

Set 28 weeks after the initial outbreak of the Rage virus from 28 Days Later. The film focus on England rebuilding society with the help of the U.S. military. Like the first film the sequel focuses on a small group banning together to survive, but unlike the original, the sequel is more action packed and has bigger set pieces.