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What does jonesing mean in slang?

What does jonesing mean in slang?

slang. : to have a strong desire or craving for something he was jonesing for a drink. jones.

Why do they call it jonesing?

The word is formed by adding the participle “-ing” to the proper noun, “Jones,” itself slang for an addict’s drug habit, as in this Oct. 13, 1968, Baltimore Sun article, “Soon you’re out to keep from getting the Jones.” Emerging from African-American English, “jonesing” as a present participle appeared not long after.

Where did jonesing originate?

The New Oxford American Dictionary has “Origin 1960’s: said to come from Jones Alley, in Manhattan, associated with drug addicts.” Some online sources dispute the claim and attribute it to Great Jones Street.

Is the word’jonesing’still used in slang?

Thanks to its widespread extended use in colloquial speech, writing, and social media, jonesing has lost its immediate associations with hard drugs and the drug underworld, now often carrying a positive or humorous connotation. Jonesing is still used for some legal substances: I’m jonesing for a drink or I’m jonesing for a cigarette.

Which is the best definition of a sandbox?

Definition of sandbox 1 : a box or receptacle containing loose sand especially : a box that contains sand for children to play in 2 : a place, area, or environment that provides opportunities for variation and experimentation in a way suggestive of children playing in a sandbox The Suttle Lodge is not a full-service hotel.

Can You give Me an example of jonesing?

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What does the phrase get the sandbox neck mean?

Get the sandbox neck gaiter and mug. This is a phrase you use to describe the person that’s been your best friend or one of your closest friends since the ” sandbox .” Implying that you’ve been together since you were young. The sandbox is the place babies or little kids play together at; this is where it started for the two of you.