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What does coconspirator mean?

What does coconspirator mean?

: a person who conspires with one or more others : a fellow conspirator … he was named as an unindicted coconspirator … —

Is co-conspirator a word?

What does co-conspirator mean? A co-conspirator is a fellow conspirator—someone engaged in a secret plan by multiple people to do something evil or illegal. Such a plan is called a conspiracy. The word co-conspirator refers to a conspirator conspiring with one or more other conspirators in the same conspiracy.

What is another word for co-conspirator?

What is another word for co-conspirator?

accomplice accessory
associate collaborator
abettor partner
partner in crime confederate
cohort helper

How do you use co-conspirator in a sentence?


  1. ‘His constant co-conspirator, Francis, has fallen for pretty Margie Flynn, who is receptive to his advances.
  2. ‘He was called to give evidence as a co-conspirator.
  3. ‘Polonius becomes a shadowy figure, though he is openly identified as Claudius’s co-conspirator in the murder of Hamlet’s father.

Is the word conspirator redundant in a conspiracy?

Yes- it’s redundant.Conspirators conspire in a conspiracy. Coconspirators coconspiring in a coconspiracy is just too much to think about. Of note, this site’s spellcheck underlines the errors. Highly active question.

Is there such a thing as a co conspirator?

By itself, the word conspirator always implies that there are multiple people involved—there is never a single conspirator. Technically, the phrase fellow co-conspirator is redundant, since co-conspirator means the same thing as fellow conspirator.

Who is an unindicted co-conspirator in an indictment?

An unindicted co-conspirator, or unindicted conspirator, is a person or entity that is alleged in an indictment to have engaged in conspiracy, but who is not charged in the same indictment.

Can a two person conspirator be superfluous?

Two people can be conspirators, but in two different conspiracies. Co-conspirator tells us that they are conspiring together rather than conspiring with other people. So it provides us with an additional piece of information. Come to think of it, it might be superfluous in some cases.