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What does Badin mean?

What does Badin mean?

[badɛ̃ ] Word forms: badin, badine. light-hearted ⧫ playful.

What does Yimkin mean?

Hello, The word “Yimkin = يمكن” means: “maybe”, “may”, “perhaps”, “probably” or “possibly”.

What is Kwayes in Arabic?

آﻮیﺲ (kwayes) is Arabic for good. The word was heard with greater frequency as training progressed.

What is the meaning of Yaba in Arabic?

If it was used to their children then it means my son/daughter. Also in palestine children can call their parents “yaba or yamma/yamu” Also it can be used to others. In this case it’s just alternative way to calling people, but sometimes it refers disrespect to others. Hope this makes it clear to you!

What is basin called in English?

a large, open bowl, or the amount such a container will hold: I left the napkins soaking in a basin. The basin of a river or body of water is the land that surrounds it and the streams that flow into it.

What is the synonym for bad?

What is another word for bad?

terrible awful
dreadful lousy
poor atrocious
cheap crummy
abysmal horrible

What does Yumkin mean in Arabic?

يمكن “yumkin” is a verb means can do , for example هل يمكن ان تساعدنى can you you help me , يمكننى it is the verb يمكن + ن + ى the ى is the pronoun here only and it refer to the person who is talking.

What is Kuwais in Arabic?

‘kuwais’ = good (again addressing a male)

What does Yaba left mean?

Yaba left. Definition: If someone asks you if you’ve been to Yaba left or you plan to go there, the person is actually talking about the psychiatric hospital by Yaba. The slang is used to mean you need to get your head checked probably because of something you did or said!

What is the English name of Yaba?

Ya ba (Thai: ยาบ้า, Lao: ຢາບ້າ, literally ‘crazy drug’), formerly known as yama (Thai: ยาม้า; literally ‘horse drug’), are tablets containing a mixture of methamphetamine and caffeine. The illicit use of this drug combination has been widespread, particularly in South and Southeast Asian countries.

Which is the largest basin in the world?

Amazon Basin
The Amazon Basin, in northern South America, is the largest in the world. The Amazon River and all of its tributaries drain an area more than 7 million square kilometers (about 3 million square miles).

What’s the difference between a basin and a sink?

The sink usually refers to the entire unit (including pipes etc) and the basin is the bowl part of it that the water goes into.