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What does an external expansion vessel do?

What does an external expansion vessel do?

The expansion vessel gives the additional hot water a sort of overflow tank, that can help to bring the pressure in the system back to a normal level. Acting like a spring, the air that is present in the vessel compresses. In this way, it absorbs the extra pressure, helping to keep the system stable.

How do I know if my expansion vessel is faulty?

Extreme rises of pressure are prevented by the presence of an expansion vessel (also called the expansion chamber). If it is working correctly, the pressure changes are normally less than 0.5 bar (½ bar) up and down and are quite slow. Big swings in central heating system pressure indicate expansion vessel faults.

How do I Repressurise my expansion vessel?

Step4: Increase the system pressure, slowly, to 1.5 bar. This will push any water/condensation from the air side in the expansion vessel out via your connected gauge hose. Step5: If the expansion vessel diaphragm is split, the water will continue to discharge via you connected gauge hose.

What is the function of a Worcester Bosch expansion vessel?

Worcester Bosch Expansion Vessels also sometimes called expansion tanks or pressure vessels are a component fitted internally to Worcester Bosch Combi type and sealed system boilers and it’s function is to compensate for the expansion of hot water, as water will expand when heated producing a rise in pressure within the sealed or closed system.

How are expansion vessels used in heating systems?

The expansion vessel is a small chamber that is used to protect closed heating systems from pressure surges. The pressure vessel is filled with air that acts as a cushion against surges in pressure within the system. This part fits… This part fits… This part fits… This part fits… This part fits… This part fits… This part fits…

When was Worcester Bosch 35cdi II boiler installed?

We have a Worcester Bosch 35CDi II installed in September 2006 by the previous owner. It is a 2 storey house with the boiler located downstairs. We have Scottish Gas HomeCare 400.