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What does a track bar do on a Jeep JK?

What does a track bar do on a Jeep JK?

What Does a Track Bar Do? The track bar is what maintains the axle’s perpendicular alignment with your Wrangler when viewed from the front or rear. Without it, your axle will not be tame and may drift off to one side or the other, causing steering issues.

What does a rear track bar do on a Jeep?

Track bars are designed to prevent unwanted lateral movement of your vehicle’s axle assemblies. So, if you had no track bar on your Jeep, then you would feel the body float severely left or right over the axles when turning which, most likely, would lead to catastrophe due to the physics of energy and momentum.

Where do you put track bar on Jeep Wrangler?

Always follow installation instructions that come with your track bar, but as a summary, adjusting and installing a track bar is pretty easy. Adjustable bars will have a sleeve, so you don’t have to remove the track bar ends. You’ll want the adjustable end at the axle side.

Why are my JK track bar not working?

We know JKs have a problem with incorrect bolt sizing as they came with a slightly smaller bolt then the inside diameter of the collar used. This incredibly small difference in size, over time, has destroyed JK track bar bolts and collars. Upgrading to new, improved, and correct sized bolts and collars is essential to keep your JK on the road.

What causes the track bar to wobble on a Jeep Wrangler?

Preventing Death Wobble & Jeep Wrangler Track Bar Replacement. The Jeep Wrangler death wobble refers to a vibration that can be caused by your track bar bushings, collars, or brackets which makes the axle want to free itself from your Wrangler. Check out the track bar bushings.

How do you fix a broken track bar?

Get under your rig and inspect the bar which is attached to your axle and is parallel to your axle shafts. Check for cracked bushings, physical damage, looseness, etc. Maybe you installed a lift and you now realize your Jeep looks laterally offset when looking at it from the front or rear. A longer track bar is necessary to fix this.