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What do you do at a pep rally?

What do you do at a pep rally?

Common activities at a pep rally include: fight song, introductions, announcements/acknowledgements, music/band cadences, cheers, performances, crowd participation, games/competitions and skits. Make an outline of your events (keeping your theme in mind) and figure out how long the pep rally will be.

What do schools do at pep rallies?

A pep rally or pep assembly is a gathering of people, typically students of middle school, high school, and college age, before a sports event. The purpose of such a gathering is to encourage school spirit and to support members of the team.

What’s another word for pep rally?

What is another word for pep rally?

rally assembly
muster hui
caucus meet
session demonstration
tweetup demo

What to do for a pep rally in high school?

Decorate the halls with locker tags shaped like records. Play classic rock songs. Hang records on the walls of the gym with the players’ names on them. Bring a guitar for your mascot to “play” during the pep rally. Play “Name that tune.” Play a small part of a song and let class representatives guess the song.

How to build a snowman for a pep rally?

Can You Build A Snowman – Good for winter pep rallies, each team has four members: one member uses toilet paper to wrap up the “snowperson” and must empty the whole roll. The other two members tape on a construction paper nose, three coal paper buttons and put on a winter hat and gloves (be sure hands are still showing, teams!).

What do mascots do in Pep Rally games?

(Your Mascots) Are on Fire – Borrow firefighter equipment such as hats, boots and jackets from your local fire department. In teams of three, have students race to a point, dress up, race back, undress and hand the equipment to the next team member.

What to do at a school spirit rally?

Strobe lights can be an exciting way to make an assembly feel like a school spirit rave, but be mindful of students who may be sensitive to the flashing lights. For a fun, cheaper alternative, hand out glow-sticks and dim the lights!