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What do immigration assistants do?

What do immigration assistants do?

As an Immigration Services Assistants (Office Automation), you will support the Adjudication Services Process by assisting Immigration Services Officers, manage files, databases, and correspondence, provide security checks, research, and analyze data, prepare reports and provide direct service to customers.

What are the requirements to work at USCIS?

Most USCIS positions require a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in law enforcement, criminal justice, political sciences, accounting, information systems and other concentrations. Check that you have or will have the appropriate degree by the application deadline.

How long is the USCIS officer training course?

13 weeks
Basic Training The program, which lasts 13 weeks, is designed to give new immigration and customs enforcement or immigration agents a complete understanding of basic immigration law, detention and fingerprinting procedures, interviewing techniques and the detection and seizure of contraband.

What can a cis assistant do for USCIS?

CIS Assistant (Office Automation) – Respond to written and oral inquiries from the public, other organizations, governmental agencies, Congressional offices and provide information and assistance on applications to applicants and petitioners and/or their legal representatives.

Where can I get a job with USCIS?

There are many opportunities to join U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and begin or continue a meaningful career. Our job opportunity announcements are posted on USAJOBS; check out our job opportunities and review the information below for additional guidance on how to apply for a job with USCIS.

What does USCIS do for the United States?

Play a critical role in the agency’s mission of administering the nation’s lawful immigration system by making determinations on applications and petitions for various types of immigration benefits. In many cases, conducting in-person interviews with applicants or petitioners for immigration benefits.

How to contact Emma the USCIS virtual assistant?

Please do not send questions about your personal situation or case to this mailbox; instead, check your case status online or call us at 800-375-5283. To learn more about Emma and see examples of questions applicants are asking her, check out this short video: Hello, I’m Emma.