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What carrier is SF?

What carrier is SF?

About ;SF express International S.F Express was established in 1993, it is the latest international logistics service platform build by the S.F Express group. ;S.F International caters for deliveries mainly between Hong Kong, China, and Europe.

What is SF in shipping?

International Shipments via SF Express are considered as a hybrid shipment, i.e. SF Express handles the first leg of the delivery from Hong Kong to the overseas destination and then hands it off to the local government-owned post for final mile delivery.

Does SF Express deliver to House?

Does SF Express deliver to your house? SF Express offers both door-to-door or pick-up location deliveries. If you want home delivery on your package, you will need to specify this with SF Express or the seller with who you made a purchase to make them aware of your request.

What is the phone number for SF Express?

SF Express Tracking – AfterShip Track SF Express shipments +852 273 00 273 / +86 4008-111-111 / +886 800 088 830/+1 855 901 1133 / +65 66030630

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How to contact the San Francisco Human Services Agency?

Speak with HSA staff directly to ask questions or get more information about our services and departments. Call (415) 557-5000 for general information or visit our Contact page. CalWORKs County Adult Assistance Programs (CAAP) JobsNOW!

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