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What can I use instead of Shockwave?

What can I use instead of Shockwave?

Creative Cloud
Adobe Director, a tool for creating Shockwave content, and the Shockwave player for MacOS were both discontinued in 2017. The company said Creative Cloud would be the best replacement. This comes after Adobe announced in 2017 that it’ll stop developing and distributing Flash at the end of 2020.

What is the latest version of Shockwave?

Adobe Shockwave Player

Original author(s) Macromedia
Final release 12.3.5

Is Shockwave discontinued?

Adobe has discontinued Shockwave Player from April 9, 2019. You can no longer download the Shockwave Player for Windows from the Adobe website.

Which is the latest version of Adobe Shockwave?

Adobe Shockwave is a must-have download to have after installing a web browser. We don’t have any change log information yet for version 12.3.5

What are the different types of shockwaves?

There are 2 fundamentally different types of shockwave (McClure & Merritt, 2003). This web site concentrates on non-focused or radial or dispersive shockwave which is created by mechanical concussion that creates expanding wave fronts away from the concussion plate (the end of the machine) which travel forward into the body.

What kind of games can you play with Shockwave Player?

Shockwave Player runs DCR files published by the Adobe Director environment. Shockwave Player supports raster graphics, basic vector graphics, 3D graphics, audio, and an embedded scripting language called Lingo. Hundreds of free online video games were developed using Shockwave, and published on websites such as Miniclip and Shockwave.com.

Is there a difference between Shockwave and flash?

Although this campaign was very successful and helped establish Shockwave Flash as a dominant multimedia plugin, Shockwave and Flash became more difficult to maintain as two separate products. In 2005, Macromedia marketed three distinct browser player plugins under the brand names Macromedia Authorware, Macromedia Shockwave and Macromedia Flash.