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What are the trainings requirements for tanker?

What are the trainings requirements for tanker?

Familiarization training for the type of tanker upon which they will serve; and at least three (3) months sea service within the past five (5) years, aboard the type of tanker they will serve; or. Evidence that the officer has completed an approved basic training for the type of tanker to which he/she will be assigned.

What are STCW certificates?

What is a STCW Certificate? An STCW certificate means all official documents required under STCW and includes certificates of competence, endorsements, certificates of proficiency, and any documentary evidence showing that a requirement of the convention has been met.

How many days is BTOC training?

Training Courses

TRAINING COURSES Duration(Days) Schedule
Basic Training for Liquefied Gas Tanker Cargo Operations 5 days Thurs – Tues
Basic Training for Oil and Chemical Tanker Cargo Operations 6 days Wed – Tues
BOSIET To be arranged
Crisis Management (IMO Model Course 1.29) 3 days Wed – Fri

How many certificates are there in STCW?

STCW Basic Safety Training Course content: Our STCW Basic Safety Training Course, often referred to as the STCW95 or STCW2010, package is a 5 day course consisting of the 4 basic modules and the new mandatory Proficiency in Security Awareness.

What do you need to know about oil tanker familiarization?

Provide the training required under Section 159 of the Marine Personnel Regulations in order to obtain an Oil and Chemical Tanker Familiarization certificate or endorsement. Enable the participants to assume the duties and responsibilities relating to the loading, discharging or transfer of cargo and the operation of cargo equipment.

What is basic training for oil and chemical tanker?

Course Framework Basic Training For Oil and Chemical Tanker 1. Aims This course provides training for officers and rating assigned specific dities and responsibilities related to cargo and cargo equipment on tankers.

Do you need a STCW for an oil tanker?

Officers and ratings assigned specific duties and responsibilities related to cargo or cargo equipment on oil or chemical tankers shall hold a certificate in mandatory minimum training for oil and chemical tanker cargo operations (STCW V/1-1).

What are the three levels of tanker qualification?

Tanker qualifications are issued at one of three (3) functional levels of responsibility: Management Level: For senior officers serving as Master, Chief Mate (First Officer), Chief Engineer, and First Assistant Engineer (Second Engineer Officer);