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What are the mountings of boiler?

What are the mountings of boiler?

Boiler mountings are a set of safety device installed for the safe operation of a boiler. There are seven main mountings on a boiler shell; safety valve, steam stop valve, vent valve, pressure gauge, water level indicator, feed check valve and fusible plug.

What are the accessories of boiler?

Boiler Mountings and Accessories:

  • Main Steam Stop Valve. It is usually applied to the highest part of the shell through the flanges.
  • Auxiliary Steam Stop Valve.
  • Safety Valve.
  • Scum Blowdown Valves.
  • Salinometer valve.
  • Whistle Valve.
  • Soot Blower.
  • Automatic Feed Water Regulator.

What are the different parts of boiler mountings and accessories?

Let’s see what are the boiler mountings and accessories?

  • Water level indicator.
  • Pressure gauge.
  • Safety valve.
  • Fusible plug.
  • Steam stop valve.
  • Blow off valve or blowdown valve.
  • Feed check valve.
  • Economizer.

What do you mean by mountings and accessories of boiler?

1. 9 BOILER MOUNTINGS AND ACCESSORIES:BOILER MOUNTING: BOILER MOUNTINGS are the components generally mounted on the surface ofthe boiler to have safety during operation. These are the essential parts of the boiler, without whichthe boiler operation is not possible.

What are the different mountings for a boiler?

Boiler Mountings 1 Water level indicator ( Water level gauge) 2 Pressure gauge 3 Safety valves 4 Stop valve 5 Blow off Valve 6 Feed check valve

Is the boiler accessor y an essential apparatus?

1. Boiler accessor y is not an essential apparatus. This is used to improve the operating condition and overall efficiency of the boiler plant. 2. Boiler mountings are mounted on the boiler. 2. Boiler accessories are not generally mounted on the boiler but installed within or near the boiler.

What are the different parts of a boiler?

Let’s see what are the boiler mountings and accessories? 1 Water level indicator 2 Pressure gauge 3 Safety valve 4 Fusible plug 5 Steam stop valve 6 Blow off valve or blowdown valve 7 Feed check valve 8 Economizer 9 Superheater 10 Steam separator

Why are accessories attached to the boiler drum?

In order to improve the efficiency of the boiler, accessories are attached to the boiler drum. Compared to boiler mountings, these are not the essential parts and without them , the operation is carried out but the efficiency will be quite low. Some of the Examples of Boiler Acessories are as follows.