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What are the faceplates for Siemon Max modules?

What are the faceplates for Siemon Max modules?

Siemon’s tamper-proof MAX faceplates provide a secure, low profile solution for mounting our complete line of MAX modules. The design features a one-piece base which accepts up to six angled MAX modules and is secured by a solid cover and a choice of tamper-proof star or standard slotted head screw.

What kind of faceplates does CommScope use?

CommScope offers a wide variety of snap-in, surface- and flush-mount faceplates for fiber and copper information outlets. These faceplates can support up to eight ports in North American, European and Asia Pacific designs, and are available in a number of colors. Created with Sketch. Created with Sketch.

What are the faceplates for z-max 6A UTP?

D08 =Eight (Double Gang) 10G MAX Faceplates are required for Z-MAX 6A UTP installations. Isolated port spacing ensures proper Alien Crosstalk performance. Faceplates include designation labels, clear label covers, and mounting screws. 10GMX-FP(XXX)-(XX) Add “B” to end of part number for bulk project pack of 100 faceplates. MAX Faceplates

What are the faceplates of a copper network?

Faceplates are the front end of your communication copper and fiber network. Faceplates must comply with technical and functional requirements while simultaneously taking care of the aesthetics. They are the first, and often only, element of the network that your customers, visitors or employees see.

Who is Siemon and what do they do?

Siemon is an industry leader in the design and manufacture of high quality, high performance IT infrastructure solutions and services for Data Centers, Intelligent Buildings and Enterprise LANs.

What kind of category 6 cable does Siemon use?

Siemon offers both the MAX® Category 6 and Z-MAX® Category 6 cables for multiple levels of performance to either meet or exceed ISO/IEC and TIA connecting hardware and channel performance specifications for use in 10/100/1000BASE-T applications.

How many ports are in Siemon HD 6 panel?

Z-MAX 6 and MAX panels come in 24- and 48-port versions in both flat and angled versions with Quick-Snap feature to easily snap outlets into place Siemon’s HD® 6 UTP panels offer universal 110 style punch down and highly visible port identification and labeling