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What are the advantages of CHO cell culture?

What are the advantages of CHO cell culture?

The Advantages of CHO Cells Grow well in suspension and as adherent culture, rendering the cells ideal for GMP procedures. Their tolerance to variations in pH, oxygen levels, temperature or pressure make them the ideal cell for large-scale culture. High recombinant protein yields and specific productivity.

What is mammalian protein expression?

Mammalian expression is the system of choice for studying the function of a particular protein in the most physiologically relevant environment, because it allows for the highest level of posttranslational processing and functional activity of the protein.

Are there any recombinant proteins made in CHO cells?

Despite the availability of a plentitude of cell lines, nearly 70% of all recombinant protein therapeutics produced today are made in CHO cells [7]. Mammalian cell expression systems have been traditionally seen as expensive due to the cost associated with transfection reagents, specialized media, consumables and the expert workforce required [1].

Which is the best method for membrane protein extraction?

Figure 3. Efficient enrichment of membrane proteins from tissues and cell lines. Membrane proteins were isolated from 30mg of tissue (mouse brain and heart) or 5 x 10^6 cultured cells (Jurkat, HeLa or HEK-293 cell lines) using the Mem-PER Plus Membrane Protein Extraction Kit protocol.

How are membrane proteins extracted from mouse liver?

Membrane proteins were isolated from mouse liver tissue, Jurkat cells and HeLa cells using four commercial extraction kits (see METHODS section for details). Protein yields (micrograms) for membrane, cytosolic and total fractions were determined with the Thermo Scientific Pierce BCA Protein Assay Kit (Part No. 23225 ).

How are screening and large scale expression of membrane proteins performed?

PMCID: PMC4291175 NIHMSID: NIHMS649022 PMID: 25299155 Screening and large-scale expression of membrane proteins in mammalian cells for structural studies