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What are Kadee couplings?

What are Kadee couplings?

When the Kadee® Company was formed it was with the idea of providing “the best of what was most needed” …a reliable, realistic, automatic coupler. It was no coincidence that the name Kadee® became synonymous with the finest automatic couplers! Simply nudge cars together and the cars are coupled.

How do Kadee Ho couplers work?

Kadee® Couplers are equipped with a metal wire “trip pin” that curves down from the knuckle of the coupler head. If you push or pull the cars away from the magnet, each coupler will automatically snap back to its centered position.

Who is the manufacturer of the Kadee Coupler?

Kadee® has entered into an agreement with Subarashi Models, the manufacturer of the Smart Coupler®, utilizing Kadee® Couplers and under License of Kadee® Quality Products. HO-Scale remote uncoupling is available from Subarashi Models. For more information, demonstration and ordering please visit www.smart-coupler.com .

How big is a Kadee G scale coupler?

Most other makes of O-Scale models can be converted to Kadee® couplers with a bit of custom fitting. We have two sizes of large scale couplers our #1 scale couplers are 1:32 scale ratio and our “G” scale couplers are larger at 1:22.5 scale ratio.

Can a coupler shank be replaced with a Kadee gearbox?

These shallower coupler pockets may require slight modification to the gearbox or coupler to function properly. If the model has a removable gearbox it can be replaced with a Kadee® gearbox. If the model has an molded-on gearbox, the coupler shank may be filed thinner to fit.

What kind of controller do I need for a Kadee RC remote coupler?

We recommend operating Kadee® RC Remote Couplers using the Kadee® RC Remote System or Kadee® RC Servo Controller (DCC or decoder compatable), other means of operating & controlling the standard hobby servos can be used with Kadee® RC Remote Couplers, as long as the degree of servo rotation is adjustable.