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What aircraft enforced the speed limit?

What aircraft enforced the speed limit?

Most often, helicopters are used for aircraft-enforced speed limits, as helicopters have an easier time hovering in one spot in the air.

What is the unmarked speed limit?

The speed limit is 25 mph, unless otherwise posted.

What is the law on speed camera signs?

There is nothing in law that states that any speed camera device, whether fixed or mobile, must be marked in any way, signed or at a particular position. There are codes of practice and best practice guides that are set by police forces themselves but these are policies rather than law.

How are speed limit enforced by aircraft signs?

When you’re traveling for the holidays later this month, you might notice some signs on the highway that read “speed limit enforced by aircraft.” If you’re like me, those signs conjure images of the cops scrambling a team of jet fighters to take a driver with a lead foot off the road. In reality, it’s a little less exciting.

How big is a real speed limit sign?

Speed Limit Enforced By Aircraft 12 x 18 – Road Sign. A Real Sign. . Only 4 left in stock – order soon. Stalker Radar Pro II + (PLUS) Radar Gun Deluxe Package.

What’s the difference between a regulatory and advisory speed limit sign?

For your driver’s license or permit exam, you must be able to tell the difference between these two speed signs. One is a regulatory speed limit sign. The other is an advisory (recommended) speed sign. Remember the Basic Colors! Black and white mean regulation, yellow means warning.

Is there a reduced speed limit ahead sign?

The reduced speed limit ahead sign doesn’t really say what the speed limit is at the sign (the speed sign that applies could been a mile away). If conditions where less than ideal, you could also have been speeding regardless of the posted speed limit. But it sounds like you had already entered the 35-mph speed zone?