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Is Texas Tech 12 free?

Is Texas Tech 12 free?

TTU K-12 Provides: free online full-time course enrollments funded by the State of Texas.

How does TTU K-12 work?

Currently, TTU K-12 serves kindergarten through 12th grade students. Students can choose to enroll in the Full-Time Diploma Program to pursue a Texas high school diploma or take courses and/or Credit by Exams (CBEs) to supplement their current school or home school curriculum.

What school district is TTU 12?

Here you can find information on various school districts in Texas such as: contact information, student, staff and TAKS statistics as well as graduate information. TEXAS TECH UNIVERSITY K-12 is located at 2515 15TH ST, LUBBOCK, 79409-2191 in View LUBBOCK COUNTY County ….Statistics.

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Is TTU K-12 accredited?

TTU K-12 offers a quality, accredited kindergarten through 12th grade education through Texas Tech University Elementary School, Middle School and High School.


What kind of school is TTU K 12?

TTU K-12, a unit of the Texas Tech University eLearning & Academic Partnerships division, is a state-approved online kindergarten through 12th grade school that has been meeting students’ needs for more than 25 years.

Can a TTU K-12 student take a CBE?

All TTU K-12 CBEs are approved for both remediation and acceleration purposes. On September 14, 2018, The State Board of Education approved Texas Tech University K-12’s proposal and timeline for meeting the revised TAC §74.24 rule. As a result, TTU K-12 is SBOE-approved to offer all CBEs to any interested student.

Is the TTU affiliated with Texas Tech University?

Affiliated with Texas Tech University, a Carnegie tier-one research institution, TTU K-12 boasts a rigorous curriculum that allows students to work ahead, make up failed credits and achieve their goals from wherever they are. Texas Tech University K-12 is a Candidate for Accreditation with NCA CASI, NWAC and SACS CASI.

Is the Texas Tech University K-12 accredited?

Texas Tech University K-12 is a Candidate for Accreditation with NCA CASI, NWAC and SACS CASI. The launch of our new student information system, Focus, has been completed. All systems are now back online.