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Is Riven a girl Winx?

Is Riven a girl Winx?

Riven is best friends with Nabu and Helia also, is most competitive with Sky….

Gender: Male
Friends: The Winx Club (Stella, Flora, Layla, Bloom ,Tecna) The Specialists. Musa Is his girlfriend and love interest

Who is Riven in Winx?

Riven tends to be a bit of a lone wolf. He is very competitive, easily prone to jealousy and oftentimes aggression, and has an aptitude for sports and physical combat. Riven often puts up a cold front and has trouble expressing his emotions. He grew up alone, so he lives for himself according to his own rules.

Who did Riven end up with?

In the original animated series, Riven actually ends up with empath fairy Musa (Elisha Applebaum).

Why did Darcy and Riven break up?

Upon closer inspection, Darcy realizes that she was drawn to Riven due to his inner darkness, which she believes to be on par with that of the Prince of Darkness but, aside from that, she leaves him be to continue searching for the Dragon’s Flame, with Icy claiming that Riven could be of use to them at a later point.

What kind of transformation does Tynix have on the Winx?

Tynix is an alternative transformation that the Winx obtain in the seventh season, along with the Butterflix.

How did riven get to the Winx Club?

Assuming that Musa is kissing Nabu, while in reality she was placing handcuffs on his wrists, Riven gets understandably upset and manages to get to where the Winx, Timmy, Sky and Brandon are. After using Glim to help him find where the others are, Riven confronts Nabu, accusing him of kissing Musa, whom he calls his girlfriend.

Where does the power of Tynix come from?

Tynix is an evolved fairy power of Butterflix in the second half of Season 7. Its power is derived from six magical bracelets that are presented to the Winx Club (minus Roxy) by their Fairy Animals. This higher fairy form enables them to enter the “Mini Worlds” by miniaturizing to microscopic size.

Who are the members of the Winx Club?

Riven | WINX (WINX CLUB) Wiki | Fandom. Riven is the stubborn maverick of the group and is Musa ‘s love interest. His first appearance was in A Fairy in Gardenia .