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Is Raymond Arroyo still with EWTN?

Is Raymond Arroyo still with EWTN?

Raymond Arroyo (born September 25, 1970) is an American author, journalist, and producer. He is the news director and lead anchor of EWTN News, the news division of the Eternal Word Television Network. He is creator and host of the news program The World Over Live and author of the Will Wilder series for young readers.

What time is Raymond Arroyo on EWTN?

Airing live Thursdays at 8pm E.

How much does Raymond Arroyo make?

Being a Fox News contributor and FOX Nation co-host, Arroyo earns a salary estimated to range between $10,000 to $100,000 per year.

What nationality is Raymond Arroyo?

Raymond Arroyo/Nationality

Is the Catholic Church against EWTN and Raymond Arroyo?

It is very troubling to witness an ostensibly-Catholic media organization apparently abandon their commitment to truth and instead deliberately impose an ideological and political agenda on its audience. It is nothing short of deplorable. Even more worrying is when that agenda directly opposes the teachings and authority of the pope.

Who is the host of the world over with Raymond Arroyo?

As founding News Director and Lead Anchor for EWTN, Raymond Arroyo is seen in more than 350 million homes on six continents each week, along with over 500 radio stations and affiliates. An internationally known, award-winning journalist, producer and best-selling author, Arroyo is known for his penetrating interviews of leading news figures.

Who are the hosts of the EWTN show?

(Flickr/Gage Skidmore) EWTN’s iconic host, Raymond Arroyo, no longer even makes any attempt to appear balanced when discussing the church. If his guest is an ally, he displays no inquisitiveness in his interviews. This is not a news program anymore but simply a propaganda arm of the anti-Francis, pro-Trump Catholic brigade.

Is the Arroyo show on a Catholic station?

Arroyo has no place on a Catholic station. [Michael Sean Winters covers the nexus of religion and politics for NCR.] Editor’s note: Don’t miss out on Michael Sean Winters’ latest: Sign up and we’ll let you know when he publishes new Distinctly Catholic columns.