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Is Mongoose bat allowed in IPL?

Is Mongoose bat allowed in IPL?

The long handle-short blade Mongoose bat that was made famous in the third season of the Indian Premier League (IPL) by Australian legend Matthew Hayden has withered away. Suresh Raina, Hayden’s team mate in Super Kings, also used the bat in the IPL without much success before reverting back to the traditional bat.

Who uses mongoose bat?

Matthew Hayden
Matthew Hayden had made an instant impact with the ‘mongoose bat’. Playing against the erstwhile Delhi Daredevils, he notched up a quick-fire 93 off 44 deliveries and almost chased down the target on his own. The bat was touted to be a revolution in the shortest format but it did not last long.

When was Mongoose bat introduced?

Suresh Raina picks Matthew Hayden’s ‘mongoose bat’ knock of 93 as favourite IPL memory. Hayden surprised many when he came out with a peculiar looking bat in the 2010 season. It was called the ‘Mongoose Bat’ .

What bat did Hayden use?

Mongoose Cricket Bat
On 11 March 2010, Hayden announced his intention to use the Mongoose Cricket Bat, a bat specially tailored to the needs of Twenty20 cricket, during the 2010 IPL.

Why is Mongoose bat banned in IPL?

The enhanced sweet spot turned out to be a disadvantage to the batsmen as they were unable to execute defensive strokes; resulting in slip or front catches. Other batsmen also confirmed that bat does not give any backpack in case there is an uneven bounce.

Who uses the smallest bat in cricket?

Kane Williamson uses the Lightest cricket bat in international cricket. The Gray-Nicolls GN MAAX EDT WILLIAMSON EW cricket bat weighs around 1100-1200 gm, which is the lightest. It has maximum edges combined with maximum spine results in MAAX power through the hitting area.

Which is the best bat in the world?


  • #8 — Kookaburra Fever Pro 2000.
  • #7 — SG Players Edition.
  • #6 — New Balance DC 1080 Players Edition.
  • #5 — Gray-Nicolls Giant.
  • #4 — Kingsport Deadly.
  • #3 — Kookaburra Ghost Pro 1500.
  • #2 — Gunn & Moore Diamond Ben Stokes Player Edition.
  • #1 — Kookaburra Shadow Pro 2000.

Can we play with Mongoose bat?

According to them, you can either hit the ball or incur the risk of getting injured because this bat was not of defending nature. So all in all, there was no governing against the use of bat but despite that batsmen resorted to using the conventional bats over the Mongoose bat as they involved lesser risks.

Which is the No 1 bat in the world?

KOOKABURRA Kahuna World NO 1 English Willow Cricket Bat (. 900-1.1 kg)

Who is the heaviest cricketer in the world?

Warwick Armstrong is arguably one of the heaviest cricketers in the history of international cricket. In fact, he was the heaviest cricketer in the history of cricket for 117 years. The former Aussie all-rounder weighed 133 kgs.

Why was the beast bat banned?

This bat is popular with many international players, however after a decision in February 2006, the graphite backed model has been banned by the Marylebone Cricket Club in international test matches due to a speculation that the bat’s graphite backing unlawfully strengthens the bat.

Which bat brand is the best?

When did Matthew Hayden use the mongoose bat?

When Matthew Hayden strolled out to bat in the 2010 edition of the IPL against Delhi Daredevils, the star batsman’s entry elicited more excitement than usual, for the audiences were not just eager to see his shots, but also the equipment he used to hit those hard-hitting shots – the Mongoose Bat – the bat many believed would revolutionise the game.

Is the mongoose bat banned in the IPL?

The structure of the Mongoose bat enhances the sweet spot by 120%. One common misconception associated with Mongoose bat is that it was banned by BCCI and IPL governing body; which was not the case. These governing bodies did review the complaints associated with the bat but they still did not ban it.

Who was the first cricketer to use the mongoose bat?

Former Australian opener Matthew Hayden created a new sensation, when he first introduced the ‘mongoose bat’ in the Indian Premier League, almost a decade ago. Former Chennai Super Kings batsman Matthew Hayden raises his mongoose bat in IPL.

What kind of bat did Hayden Hayden use?

What Hayden chose as his weapon was MMi3, a shorter, deadlier version of the Mongoose. Staurt Law, the former Australian test player, called the snazzy, new T20 bat “a half-brick-on-a-stick”.