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Is Knautia the same as scabious?

Is Knautia the same as scabious?

Knautia is a genus of flowering plants in the family Caprifoliaceae. The common names are variants of “widow flower”. Others are given the name “scabious”, which properly belongs to the related genus (Scabiosa).

Should I cut back knautia Macedonica?

How to care for Knautia. Some varieties may need staking to retain a healthy and pleasing appearance as they develop and grow. Cut back to the ground during autumn to encourage better growth for the following season. Mulch will well-rotted manure or compost during autumn and water thoroughly.

Is knautia Macedonica Hardy?

Growing Knautia macedonica K. macedonica is an excellent plant for an English cottage garden but it is equally suited to the herbaceous border or to a wild garden. macedonica is totally hardy and will grow in most soils including alkaline ones. The soil needs to be well drained but not necessarily improved.

How do you look after Knautia?

This plant loves plenty of sunshine, but high humidity levels will take a toll on the long stems and may also cause root rot. It’s generally resistant to disease, but may be subject to aphid invasion. Knautia thrives in areas with warm summer temperatures and cool evenings, and it also needs well-drained soil.

What kind of flowers does Knautia Macedonica produce?

Macedonian Scabious, Crimson Scabious, Scabiosa rumelica Undemanding, Knautia macedonica is an herbaceous perennial with masses of deep crimson, pincushion flowers, 1.5 in. across (3-4 cm), that bloom in succession from early summer until fall.

What kind of plant is Knautia Thunder and lightning?

Knautia Thunder & Lightning has serrated leaf shapes that provide interesting lightning bolt patterns throughout the mounded clumps. Knautia are upright, clump-forming perennials. Avoid too moist (wet feet). This is an excellent choice for the front of the border.

What kind of leaves does a Knautia plant have?

Near them are some new growths that I am not sure are volunteers of the knautia or weeds. So far, unlike the knautia that has both smooth and serrated (dandelion-like leaves), these have so far only the smooth leaves.

How tall does a Knautia spruce plant grow?

How to Grow Knautia Botanical Name Knautia macedonica Common Name Knautia Plant Type Herbaceous perennial Mature Size 1 to 3 feet tall and 1 to 2 feet wide Sun Exposure Full sun