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Is ho wolding a good company?

Is ho wolding a good company?

From what I’ve gathered, HO wolding is a very good company to work for. I’ve met two of their drivers before, and they both seemed to really like it there. They have pretty nice equipment too.

HOW much does ho wolding pay?

Our drivers earn between $40,000-$100,000/year. The top 20% of our drivers made an average of $80,592 last year! Our first year wage for school graduates is $60,000+ per year. Experienced drivers receive credit for years of driving experience, which equates to quality benefits and vacation pay.

HOW much does ho wolding pay per mile?

41 per mile with more than one year of experience.

How many trucks does ho Wolding have?

H.O. Wolding, a 320-truck dry van fleet, operates in the Midwest, Northeast and Southeast regions of the United States.

What kind of company is h.o.wolding?

Family oriented company that’s just nice to work for. Each departments are awesome and driver managers were top notch. Very good pay, includes quarterly safety, performance, and sign on bonus if you have one. Was this review helpful? Nice people to work for. Fairly well managed. Trucks and trailers well maintained. Drivers Not pushed hard.

What should I say about h.o.wolding?

Fair company. Nothing negative to say about this company, H.O Wolding been in the business for 75 years. The company is a small family owned organization that handles freight like a bigger company. Was this review helpful? Employees are not treated equally and management unwilling to to be upfront and honest with employees.

How old is Ho wolding trucking company?

With over 80 years in the transportation industry, HO Wolding is a Wisconsin-based trucking company that can operate with the abilities and efficiency of a large corporation while still maintaining the small-town integrity and values that we set out with.

How does working at h.o.wolding affect your life?

Home time is flexible which is very important when it comes to work-life balance. They leave you alone to do your job and do not micromanage you. They do everything they can to get you home when you need to be home, and even get you to different parts of the country to visit family if you request. Treats drivers very well.