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Is hard coat stucco synthetic?

Is hard coat stucco synthetic?

Hard coat stucco, also called traditional stucco, is an outer coating for your home composed mainly of Portland cement, lime, sand, and mixed with water. EIFS stucco refers to Exterior Insulation and Finish System, also called synthetic stucco.

Is synthetic stucco better than traditional stucco?

Synthetic stucco is 80% lighter than traditional hard coat and more durable because it contains fiberglass.

What is hard coat stucco?

Applied directly to concrete masonry, hard-coat stucco provides a tough finish that is integrally bonded with the masonry substrate. When applied to metal lath, two to three coats of stucco are applied. Hard-coat stucco has high impact resistance, sheds water but breaths, allowing water vapor to escape.

How long does hard coat stucco last?

50-80 years
Stucco is a very durable finish material with a typical life span of 50-80 years or more. Although it is one of the most durable surfaces available, it also features the lowest annual maintenance cost when compared to other siding materials.

What are the different types of hard coat stucco?

Exterior Insulation & Finish System is a system composed of several layers installed directly over exterior sheathing such as plywood. EIFS consists 1/8” layers of acrylic applied over an insulation board such as polystyrene. Traditional Portland cement plaster (hard-coat stucco) is a time-tested exterior breathable finish.

What’s the difference between synthetic stucco and stucco?

EIFS (Pronounced “eefs”, “eefis” or “E.I.F.S.”… there’s no wrong way to say it) mimics stucco and is sometimes called “synthetic stucco.” Stucco and EIFS are commonly installed on single family homes, townhomes and low/mid-rise commercial/residential buildings.

What’s the difference between polystyrene and stucco siding?

This mixture is applied in three coats over a lath base, or a piece of mesh, and often coated with an expansive acrylic-polymer finish to deter cracking. Synthetic stucco siding, on the other hand, is multilayered. There is a foam insulation board (typically polystyrene), a coat of the synthetic stucco, fiberglass mesh, and then a top coat.

What’s the difference between hard coat stucco and EIF?

Most people would probably tell you it’s stucco. From the outside, they may look the same, but structurally, they are two very different types of finishes. In this two-part series, we will take a look at the structure, installation, advantages, and disadvantages of each finish. What are Stucco and EIFS?