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Is Chief Keef still making money?

Is Chief Keef still making money?

The good news is Chief Keef still earns good money from his shows. He gets anywhere from $40,000 – $85,000 per show. His estimated earnings per song is $100,000 for a single record. In addition to Chief Keef’s music, he is also making income off of his YouTube channel.

What is Chief Keef doing now?

Chief Keef is currently in the hospital. 2), the “Hate Bein’ Sober” emcee, whose real name is Keith Farrelle Cozart, posted a photo of himself in a hospital bed with an IV in his arm.

Is Chief Keef from O block?

Home to some of the biggest names in modern drill music is Parkway Gardens, more infamously known as O Block. Rappers like Chief Keef, King Von, Fredo Santana, and Lil Durk were all raised in the notorious Chicago neighborhood.

When did Chief Keef retire from rapping music?

In March 2016, Cozart tweeted that he was retiring from rapping. The announcement came as Keef’s recorded output was slowing down. However, later in the year, he was featured in MGK’s song, “Young Man”.

Where does Chief Keef live in New York City?

He lived at the Parkway Garden Homes, locally known as O-Block, located in the Washington Park neighborhood on the city’s South Side, a stronghold for the Black Disciples street gang of which Chief Keef is a member. Chief Keef has been estranged from his biological father, Alfonso Cozart, since he was a minor.

When is Chief Keef coming out with a new mixtape?

In January, Chief Keef announced he was working on a new mixtape entitled Bang 3. In February, he unveiled the cover art to his upcoming mixtape Back From The Dead 2 the sequel to his critically acclaimed mixtape, Back From The Dead.

When did Chief Keef become famous in Chicago?

Kanye West, a fellow Chicagoan, remixed Keef’s single ” I Don’t Like ,” raising his profile. In 2011, Chief Keef first attracted local attention from Chicago’s South Side community with his mixtapes, The Glory Road and Bang.