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Is Accoya cladding expensive?

Is Accoya cladding expensive?

Accoya is a premium product in the market and therefore is not the cheapest option, but its performance is second to none. The wood is warrantied for 50 years above ground and 25 years below ground or in freshwater, meaning that Accoya products will often last at least twice as long as cheaper alternatives.

Can Accoya be left untreated?

It is highly resistant to decay and offers a high level of durability. If it is left untreated it will weather naturally to a dark grey colour; alternatively, it can be prefinished and stained before installation to help protect the materials natural colour.

What is Accoya siding?

Accoya wood siding is 100% non toxic and contains no biocides or harmful chemicals. Each siding panel is made from FSC® certified timber that’s fully sustainable. sustainably sourced. non toxic. 100% recyclable.

Can you use accoyacladding on wood cladding?

ACCOYA®CLADDING ON TRADITIONAL BLOCK Accoya is suitable for standard cladding types, and in general the installer should follow the same recom- mendations for fitting as with traditional wood cladding, requiring no special detailing or tools, and performs best when installed properly on a suitable frame.

How is Accoya wood used to make siding?

Through a process called acetylation, Accoya is manufactured using wood modification technology to create a superior quality product with outstanding levels of performance, stability, and durability. All Accoya wood is sustainably sourced and the finished result is a non-toxic product offering the same aesthetic appeal of tropical hardwoods. 1.

What makes Accoya long life modified wood unique?

Accoya long life modified wood has become the timber industry benchmark for performance and sustainability. No other timber can offer this combination of stability, durability and versatility.

Where can I buy wood cladding in the UK?

Under BS 8417, only cladding made from timbers of durability class 1 are suitable for situations where there is a desired service life of 60 years. You can buy Accoya and Accoya products from our selection of distributors or manufacturers in your region. Use our map search tool to find your nearest Accoya supplier.