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How would you describe a trainer on a resume?

How would you describe a trainer on a resume?

Experienced and dynamic corporate trainer with excellent communication, management and team-building skills. Able to design and implement a variety of training programs for multiple purposes. Comfortable working in any industry with groups of all sizes.

How would you describe lifeguarding on a resume?

Responsibilities highlighted on example resumes of Lifeguards include observing and organizing the activities of swimmers, enforcing applicable pool policies and regulations, rescuing swimmers in distress, and providing emergency care.

How do you explain teaching experience on a resume?

Share relevant experience When filling in the experience section of your resume, include your relevant teaching experience and your main accomplishments for each position you have held. If you are beginning your career as a teacher you might include student teaching, tutoring or other informal teaching positions.

What do swim instructors do?

Also known as Swimming Teachers, Swim Instructors help children and adults develop proper swimming techniques. They may also coach swim teams and help more advanced swimmers enhance their swimming abilities.

What skills do you need to be a swimming instructor?

Skills:Enthusiastic and positive attitude towards swimming.Good communicator.The ability to inspire confidence and motivate swimmers.Perseverance and patience.The ability to encourage people and put them at ease.An understanding of how to differentiate in a teaching session.

How much money does a swimming instructor make?

How much does a Swim Instructor make in Australia?CityAverage salarySwim Instructor in Sydney NSW 662 salaries$28.33 per hourSwim Instructor in Parramatta NSW 647 salaries$28.24 per hourSwim Instructor in Melbourne VIC 17 salaries$33.71 per hourSwim Instructor in Orange NSW 7 salaries$27.53 per hour

Do you need to be certified to be a swim instructor?

To become a swim instructor, you do not need traditional education. Instead, various certifications make you eligible. The American Red Cross Training Services offers certification to teach swimming and water safety for all ages. There is the Basic Swim Instructor credential and the Water Safety Instructor credential.

How long does it take to become a swim instructor?

Training consists of 16-20 hours of in-person training, an online component and supervised work experience. A Working with Children Licence is also required. Be at least 16 years old with a reasonable level of fitness and swimming ability. Hold a current Working with Children Licence.

How long does it take to become an ISR instructor?

Each Instructor completes an 8-week intensive training and certification program, which includes a minimum of 80 hours of supervised in-water training.

Is ISR traumatic?

The programs are designed to “drown-proof” children, but many experts doubt these claims. What’s more, there is evidence suggesting that the tactics used in ISR may create traumatic associations. As a result, older children may develop negative thoughts or fears about the water or swimming.

How much does it cost to become ISR certified?

Depending on the best option for the student Instructor, the ISR Instructor Training Program costs range between $8,000 and $12,500.

What is the cost of ISR swim lessons?

In context, my lessons cost $75 per week, for 5 lessons 10 minutes a day, put another way, it is $75 for 50 minutes of one-on-one specialized ISR Lessons; a cost of $2 per minute for a group class without a reliable standard of what skills the students will emerge with, or a cost of $1.50 per minute with me, a …

Why is ISR so expensive?

ISR is so expensive because of the training/certification that the instructors have to keep up with every year. Private lessons can really add up too but kids make so much more progress with daily private lessons. Since DD1 has turned 4 we have done a variety of private lessons ranging from $12 to $20 per lesson.

How long do ISR lessons last?

In addition, your child’s medical and developmental history is a mandatory part of the ISR national registration process, all of which is held strictly confidential. All ISR instructors undergo an intensive and 8- week in-water and academic training that far ex- ceeds any other training program of this kind.

How does ISR lesson work?

The main goal for ISR is that children learn a sequence of swimming to safety and rotating on their backs to float and get air. ISR equips them with the skills they need to save themselves if they end up in the water alone (hence the summer and winter clothing you’ll see in the video).

Why is ISR bad?

Infant Swimming Resource lessons may cause your child to develop a fear or dislike of the water due to the repetitive discomfort of being dunked. ISR Instructors report having to reintroduce children to the water at older ages while dealing with phobia of submersion.

Are infant swim lessons worth it?

If you have a pool, early swim lessons may be helpful. Even the youngest babies can be taught swimming skills, like floating on their backs. But for infants under 1 year old, this doesn’t keep them safer from drowning.

What is meant by ISR?

Stands for “Interrupt Service Routine.” An ISR (also called an interrupt handler) is a software process invoked by an interrupt request from a hardware device. It handles the request and sends it to the CPU, interrupting the active process. When the ISR is complete, the process is resumed.

What is the purpose of ISR?

The principal function of the intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) component of command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (C4ISR) is to find, fix, and track both friendly and hostile forces, as well as to assess damage to hostile targets in an area of …

What is ISR in school?