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How old is Lynn Dawson?

How old is Lynn Dawson?

86 years (June 20, 1935)
Len Dawson/Age

How much money did Len Dawson make?

Dawson finished his career with the Dallas Texans/Kansas City Chiefs from 1962 to 1975. He won Super Bowl IV and was named the Super Bowl IV MVP. Dawson was a six time AFL All-Star and was selected to the Pro Bowl in 1971….Len Dawson Net Worth.

Net Worth: $10 Million
Nationality: United States of America

Where is Lenny Dawson now?

Len is married and has two grown children. He and his family live in Kansas City.

Who won the Super Bowl in 1970?

Kansas City Chiefs
Super Bowl IV/Champion
Washingtonpost.com: Super Bowl IV: Super Chiefs Shock Vikings, 23-7. NEW ORLEANS, Jan. 11 — The Kansas City Chiefs, second best team in the American League West standings, became the champions of all football today with a smashing 23-7 upset of the Minnesota Vikings in the Super Bowl.

Who are the parents of Len Dawson’s children?

Family Life. He fathered two children, Lisa Anne and Len Jr., with his wife, Jacqueline Puzder. After Jacqueline’s death in 1978, he married his second wife, Linda.

What was the name of Les Dawson’s first wife?

Les and Tracy were together just six short years — they met in 1986 when his first wife, Meg, and mother of his three older children, was dying after an eight-year battle with cancer.

What did Len Dawson do as a sophomore?

He had a remarkable sophomore year at Purdue, leading the NCAA in pass efficiency while also playing defense and serving as Purdue’s kicker. In Super Bowl IV, he led the Chiefs to a 23-7 victory over the Minnesota Vikings, and he was named MVP of the game.

Where did Les Dawson drown his sorrows in?

Les started drowning his sorrows in the St Ives Hotel in Lytham St Annes, where Tracy was a golden vision (and 17 years his junior, with two children and a crumbling marriage of her own) behind the bar. Joker: Les Dawson was famed for his expressive face and he is pictured here with his beloved daughter Charlotte