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How much is a male Eclectus parrot?

How much is a male Eclectus parrot?

Eclectus parrots are not as common as others, so you may have to seek out a specialty pet shop or breeder. On average, breeders sell eclectus parrots from $1,000 to $3,000.

Which is better male or female eclectus?

Females are feistier and can be aggressive, while males are more docile. Still compared to other parrots, eclectus parrots of both sexes are gentler and calmer, says Quesenberry.

Do male eclectus parrots talk?

Both male and female Eclectus parrots are excellent talkers. They are equally intelligent and have the same capacity for learning vocabulary.

How long do male eclectus parrots live?

Some sources consider the lifespan to be 30 years. The maximum reliably recorded longevity for this species is 28.5 years, but a lifespan of 40.8 years has also been reported.

How can you tell the sex of an eclectus parrot?

Eclectus are known as sexually dimorphic, meaning that you can tell the sex of the bird by its physical characteristics. Male eclectus birds are a brilliant emerald green color with bright orange beaks and splashes of red and blue under their wings.

What kind of feathers do eclectus parrots have?

The male Eclectus is brilliant green on top, has yellowish-green wing coverts, and has red patches on the breast and under the wings. The tail feathers are almost black with yellow tips. The upper beak is a a coral yellow with a yellowish tip and the lower mandible is black. The iris is a dark orange.

What kind of diet does an eclectus parrot need?

The diet of the adult eclectus should consist of 6% fat. Younger birds that are more active and burn more fat may need 12% of fat in their diet. Eclectus Parrots need more fruits / vegetables than other parrots.

Where do green and red eclectus parrots live?

It wasn’t until a couple of decades ago that someone realized that the green birds were male and the red birds were female. Eclectus parrots are native to the Solomon Islands, Indonesia, New Guinea, northeastern Australia and the Moluccas.