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How much does it cost to build a deck around an above ground pool?

How much does it cost to build a deck around an above ground pool?

On average, the cost to build an above ground pool deck can range between $4,700 to $7,800. In some instances, an inexpensive above ground pool deck can cost $2,000. However, some decks can cost significantly more, depending on size and how elaborate the design.

How can I make my above ground pool look nice?

In this article, we’ll take a look at 8 things you can do to make an above ground swimming pool look nice.

  1. Surround it with a deck.
  2. Take things to the next level(s).
  3. Add a retaining wall.
  4. Throw shade.
  5. Design a lounge space.
  6. Liven things up with landscaping.
  7. Set the mood with lighting.
  8. Make your pool the star attraction.

Can Above ground pools have decks?

Installing a deck around your above-ground pool is a fairly straightforward way to make your pool more accessible and more enjoyable. Whether you build a deck all the way around your above-ground pool or just along one side, the extra space will give you and your guests a place to sunbathe and hang out at water level.

What are the different types of above ground pool decks?

Above Ground Pool Decks Come In Many Styles Small Above Ground Pool with Deck on A Ranch House A Brick Deck A Fun Playground Deck with Above Ground Pool Multi Level Pool Deck Stairs Above Ground Pool with Slide Above Ground Swimming Pool Deck with Bridge Oval Above Ground Pool with Deck Lounge Tiered Deck of Above Ground Pool Tropical Round Above Ground Pool with Deck

How do you build a deck around a round pool?

Choose a Design and Materials. Decide on shape, materials and size. Your deck should be at least 3.5 feet wide around the above ground pool (ref. 1, section 2, para 1) , but you may want a wider area to act as a sun deck on one side. Place your access stairs, add a railing and include a self-locking gate for safety.

Does my above ground pool need a fence?

Many municipalities do require a pool fence even for above ground pools. Due to this, a mesh pool fence is an excellent option, because just like the above ground pool, it is temporary and gives you the ability to remove the fencing when you need to. One aspect to keep in mind regarding the mesh pool fence is the overall height.

How do you paint Cool deck around pool?

Dip the dash brush all the way to the tops of the bristles. Shake the brush loaded with Kool Deck onto the pool’s deck. Continue splashing the product in all directions until you coat the entire pool deck. Add water to the product in the bucket to keep it a creamy texture. Allow this coat to dry until it loses its water glaze.