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How many steps does it take to walk across America?

How many steps does it take to walk across America?

5,400,000 steps
Walking Across America 5,400,000 steps.

What is the best route to walk across America?

The American Discovery Trail, open to hiking, biking and horseback riding, is the only coast-to-coast nonmotorized trail. The trail’s two routes, one 4,834 miles long and the other 5,057, cross the country’s midsection from Delaware to California. For the least elevation gain, choose a southern route.

How hard is it to walk across America?

For one, the distance of a transcontinental walk at 2,500+ miles can be physically challenging. Whether you’re pushing a cart or carrying a backpack, the strain and stress of continuous sojourns at 15 – 30 miles per day can quickly deplete your physical resources if you’re not prepared.

What are virtual walks?

Virtual walks and runs were gaining popularity before the COVID-19 pandemic. People who sign up for virtual charity runs and walks register online and complete the mileage at their own convenience and wherever they live. Once they finish the “race,” participants upload their results online.

How to do a virtual walk across the USA?

With the minutes or pedometer steps option, you will get across the USA faster. If you use a pedometer, you can chart your steps each day. Delete the last two digits of the total (divide by 100) and equate that to miles on the trail. Example: 6000 steps = 60 miles on the trail. Print out and color in your virtual walk as you achieve milestones.

Is the walk the world free to join?

Joining our community is free and easy, so why not sign up and change your world today. Our community has collectively walked a staggering… 28,127,957,726 steps We are a charity led initiative supported by donations – there’s no adverts or subscription fees. Go it alone or create a group and invite your your friends and family to walk with you.

How many workouts in the walk across America program?

With so many different workouts, Jenny keeps me motivated and never bored. The Walk Across America program is 50 different 30 minute workouts. Designed to be easy to follow no matter your fitness level, you can keep the moves as easy or hard as you like, depending on the amount of intensity you put into the workout.

How to track your steps on webwalking USA?

As you walk, follow along where you would be walking on the American Discovery Trail. Visit the American Discovery Trail site for maps and segment descriptions. Total your minutes, miles or steps as you walk, and as you reach each milestone note it on your Webwalking USA walking log.