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How many miles can you get out of Toyo Open Country AT2?

How many miles can you get out of Toyo Open Country AT2?

On the positive side, some owners report as high as 90,000 miles of wear. While enticing, we don’t expect that owners will be able to replicate this. Instead, the average seems to be in the 50,000 to 60,000 mile range with moderate off-road use.

What is the difference between Toyo Open Country AT2 and AT3?

AT3 has a much more uniform voids, overall. With more rubber contact in the middle and less of those tread voids (cutting S blocks on AT2), the AT3 is not only quieter on the road but also has a better grip. 3D siping, which goes all the way down enhances wet traction.

Are Toyo a T tires good?

Most important of all, Toyo is correct in stating that the A/T III is better all around. It looks better than the older tire, has improved wet performance and great off-road chops, and is fabulous in snow. We’ve found quieter tires in the past, but not with tread patterns this aggressive.

How many ply are Toyo Open Country AT2?

The tread compound is relatively soft and supple, belying the tire’s strong construction. Our LT 285/75R17 tires were Load Range E tires with 3-ply polyester sidewalls that wrapped around rocks, even when aired down just a little.

Are Toyo Open Country AT2 any good?

Toyo Open Country AT2 Tire Reviews This tire has received a 4 out of 5 Star rating with 88% of the respondents saying they would buy again. Dry Traction and Wet Traction received the highest marks and total mileage that as been reviewed is 325,192.

What does Toyo RT stand for?

This new Toyo R/T (Rugged Terrain) fits in between the A/T and widely popular M/T in the company’s tire lineup and is created to perform very well in off-road conditions, while delivering solid on-road drivability without the noise you find on the M/T.

Are Toyo Open Country tires noisy?

“ARE THEY LOUD?” Road noise is typically the initial topic of conversation in off-road tire discussions. Some tires roar, others hum and the best produce an auditory whisper. In regards to excessive noise with the Open Country R/Ts, there’s none.

What ply is Toyo Open Country?

Contributes to excellent durability, impact resistance, and handling with 3-ply construction on LT-Metric and Flotation sizes, and 2-ply construction on P-/Euro-Metric sizes.

Is Toyo tires better than Michelin?

Toyo Tires is most popular for trucks, SUVs, and crossovers. While its performance tires are still highly rated, buyers tend to go for Michelin or Pirelli models instead. Toyo tires perform well in rugged terrain and where strong traction counts the most.

Are Toyo RT tires noisy?

Are Toyo RT tires loud?

I ran a set of 37inch RT for along time, they are pretty quiet, not as loud as the MT but louder than the Toyo AT. They aren’t bad at all. You’ll be happy.

What are the ratings for Toyo open country tires?

The Open Country A/T II is available with three distinct shoulder designs, depending on construction and size. Xtreme sizes also feature a deeper tread depth. Performance Ratings are on a scale of 1 to 5 (best) in 0.5-point increments and can be compared within applicable Toyo product categories.

What kind of tire does Toyo a-T II use?

Does This Tire Fit? The durable Open Country A-T II® offers aggressive wet and snow traction with exceptional mileage for pickups, vans and SUVs. This versatile all-terrain radial delivers rugged good looks without compromising handling, ride comfort or on- and off-road stability.

Can a Toyo Tire be changed without notice?

Toyo Tire U.S.A. Corp. reserves the right to change construction, materials or specifications without notice or obligation. Contact your Toyo Tires dealer or Toyo Tires for current information.

Where can I get Toyo Highway tread tires?

Call: 1-877-877-1010 or LIVE CHAT Your satisfaction is our goal. I have these an a heavy duty snow plow. I would pay to take my highway tread tires back before I buy toyo tires ever!