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How many hours does it take to beat Metal Gear Solid 5?

How many hours does it take to beat Metal Gear Solid 5?

30 hours

Is Metal Gear Solid 5 Finished?

That’s not entirely true; Mission 51 did exist for a short time. Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain ends after Mission 46, although there are four more missions beyond that. But the collector’s edition set includes the spoiler-filled footage above of a 51st event that could help wrap up the game’s ambiguous story.

How many levels does Metal Gear Solid 5 have?


Can you restart MGS 5?

You’d have to delete your save file. There is no “new game” option (mostly because you can just replay everything so there isn’t much of a purpose for a new game).

How do I delete phantom pain saves?

Probably a dumb question, but is it possible to delete your save file in MGSV: TPP? Yes. On console go to the Storage from the main system menu, and delete your save data or upload it to a USB.

How do you get S rank in Metal Gear Solid 5?

In order to get an S-Rank, your final score must be greater than 130,000 points, and the game will reward you a bonus 26,000 GMP for your efforts.

How do I get S class soldiers in mgs5?

The way you get S Ranks is by leveling your Mother Base Staff Units up. The higher your units’ levels are, the higher the stats for random guards are.

Will there be a Metal Gear 6?

As such, while nothing official has confirmed that a new Metal Gear Solid game is completely off the cards, the future of a Metal Gear Solid 6 any time soon looks bleak, even though a movie may finally release.

Is Solid Snake dead?

And Snake’s not allowed to be dead, so he isn’t. Hideo Kojima has apparently gone on-record and confirmed that not only is Metal Gear Solid 5 happening, series hero Solid Snake is also still alive and kickingeven though he was supposed to die at the end of MGS4. Pause for breath.

Is Solid Snake a virgin?

Solid Snake could be a virgin, but he’s never been implied as such. Technically, Snake can make love, its that he can’t reproduce. There is such a thing as having sex without reproducing as a result.

Is Solid Snake a good guy?

User Info: Dicer7. Solid Snake is the only one to fight the Patriots without losing his morality or resorting to terrorism. In that sense he’s still the good guy and ultimately the redemption of Big Boss. Just because he’s being used most of the time doesn’t change that aspect of his character.

Is Solid Snake a super soldier?

This article is about the character, Solid Snake. Solid Snake, real name David, also known as Old Snake, and briefly known as Iroquois Pliskin, or simply Snake, was a former spy, special operations soldier, and mercenary.

Why did Big Boss kill Venom Snake?

So when he kills Venom Snake at the end of MG1, he thinks he has killed Big Boss who was commanding Outer Heaven all along. (In a different sense, at this time, Venom Snake could be commanding Outer Heaven and meanwhile Big Boss could be building Zanzibarland.)

Is Big Boss a bad guy?

Big Boss is not a villain, but an anti-hero. His goal in creating outer heaven is to make a place where soldiers are no longer the puppets of powerful elites. The acquisition of nuclear weapons was to be a deterant to the influence of other nations and the philosphers.

Did Solid Snake kill Big Boss?

snake killed big boss before the events of shadow moses.. or so he thoughthis body (in MGS4) was being kept barely alive in a coma induced by nanomachines. Solid Snake thought he killed Big Boss in Metal Gear 2, but Big Boss lived, although he was very close to death.

Why did Big Boss turn bad?

He wanted a place for soldiers to have meaning again. It’s evil, but he saw it as a cycle that went alongside that purpose for soldiers. And he had obtained the funds for such a place as well as loyal soldiers such as Gray Fox. And he also saw his battle with Snake as the Boss did.

Is Big Boss a good guy?

So Big Boss is both a hero and a villain. He was a hero because he made some pretty great sacrifices, and did save the world on a number of occasions. He was a villain, because he failed to stop the world from sliding down into destruction the way it did.

How did Big Boss get the scar on his chest?

A jigsaw, or more specifically the one Big Boss had, was hidden inside the scar on his chest. The jigsaw was in case he was captured. It’s strong enough to cut the lock on a prison gate yet small and light enough to be hidden inwell, a scar.

Why does Snake have a scar in Peace Walker?

He has it even before the game starts, but did he get it during the events of Snake Eater or was it later? It’s a fake scar so there is nothing know about it. It’s fake. He hides a jigsaw in it.

Why does the boss have a scar?

The Boss had a large snake-shaped scar that ran across her upper torso, as a result of giving birth via caesarean section on the battlefield. The Boss likened her remaining sense of pain to that of a snake slithering across her body.