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How many big items can you use in Munchkin?

How many big items can you use in Munchkin?

The Big item rule is very explicit that it you can only CARRY one Big item, equipped or not. You may only have one Big item on the table at a time unless you have a card (the Dwarf race, a Cheat! card, etc.) that allows you to have more than that.

How do big items work in Munchkin?

In the instructions for Munchkin it states: If something lets you have more than one Big item (for instance, the Dwarf race) and you lose the ability, you must either correct the problem immediately or get rid of all but one Big item.

What is considered an item in Munchkin?

An Item is any card with a printed Gold Piece value (including the phrase “No Value,” which means “0 Gold Pieces”). Most of them are Treasures, but some are Doors. A Treasure is any card from the Treasure deck.

What is a small item in Munchkins?

The only place you can find it is in the “combining this game with Munchkin” part at the end of the Star Munchkin rules. But as mentioned allready now, a small item is any item that isn’t Big.

How many items can you carry in Munchkin game?

Any player has the ability to carry items. However, you can only equip 1 headgear, 1 suit of armor, 1 set of footgrear, and either two 1 hand items or one 2 hand item. There are certain cards in the game that contrradict this rule- follow the card’s instructions. Items may have restrictions placed on them.

Can you have more than one class in Munchkin?

You are allowed to discard your class card at any time in gameplay. You can belong to multiple classes unless you have the Super Munchkin card in play. Characters have different races: human, elves, halflings, and dwarves. If you do not have a race card you are a human. The rules for class apply.

How are the characters chosen in the Munchkin game?

Characters are either male or female, the sex of which is chosen at your discretion. Examine your 8 cards you start with, if it includes a Race or Class card place it in front of you on the table. Also, if you have items you may play them by placing them in front of you. Pick the player who goes first by rolling the dice.

What do you put at the end of a Munchkin card?

There are official errata for two cards as a result of this rule: Death-Touch (from Munchkin Fu ): At the end of this card, add “You do not get any rewards for that monster unless you defeat all remaining monsters.” Churninator (from Munchkin Cthulhu ): Add “unless this would give you the winning level” at the end of the first sentence.