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How long has Humphrey products been in business?

How long has Humphrey products been in business?

Humphrey Products has provided superior fluid handling and pneumatic control products to a variety of industries for more than 60 years.

Which is the best model of Humphrey procontrol?

Humphrey ProControl™ PV10 model, in particular, has been enhanced with dramatically reduced size and cost. Along with PV introduction, Humphrey has staffed the ProControl™ line with application assistance, specifically to serve design and process engineers with sizing and selection, and even fine tuning proportional valve performance.

What can a Humphrey 3 way air valve be used for?

Humphrey model 31P is a multi-purpose valve with spring return. Pressure may be applied to any port. It can be used as a 3-way valve, normally closed valve, normally open valve, as a diverter or dual pressure valve or as 1 2-way valve with the unused normally closed or normally open port plugged.

How big is a Humphrey pneumatic solenoid valve?

The 10mm wide C10 pneumatic solenoid valve was thoughtfully designed for use in confined spaces, tailored to your needs as a single valve or as multiple valves in a complex system. Integrate CSV yourself, or let the Humphrey Engineered Solutions Group design a specific manifold package ready for plug and play into your device or equipment.

What makes Humphrey valves and actuators so special?

With complete fluid handling and pneumatic system design, development and production capabilities, our Engineered Solutions Group is uniquely qualified to develop custom product solutions when standard components don’t meet your needs.

Which is the latest version of Humphrey procontrol valves?

New and improved PV3 and PV10 Series have been added to Humphrey ProControl™ brand of proportional solenoid valves. Boasting a new internal design featuring 25% improved peak flow capacity, improved repeatability and reduced hysteresis, PV3 and PV10 replaces previously introduced PC3 and PC10.