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How high should a towel holder be?

How high should a towel holder be?

42 to 48 inches
Standard towel bars should be 42 to 48 inches above the floor. Hotel-style towel racks (which incorporate towel bars and a top-shelf and usually install above the toilet) should be at least 48 inches above the floor. Towel or robe hooks should be 70 inches above the floor.

How high should you hang a bath towel hook?

Solved! The Perfect Height for Towel Bars and Hooks

  1. The standard towel bar height is 48 inches above the floor.
  2. Lower the height to 44 inches to accommodate those with limited mobility.
  3. Lower the height to 36 inches for little ones.
  4. Leave a four-inch clearance between towel bars and outlets or switches.

What size towel goes on towel ring?

Recommended Towel Ring Heights So, according to accepted industry practices, the perfect height to hang a towel ring is 50 to 52 inches. Over a vanity, the bottom of the towel ring should sit 16 to 18 inches off the top of the countertop, so the towels suspend freely above it.

How tall should a towel bar be on a vanity?

Towel bars should be located anywhere 14 to 18 inches above the vanity countertop. If you have a towel bar that also has a shelf above it, the bar itself should measure roughly 48 inches above the floor. In addition to hanging your towels at the appropriate height, many people struggle with conveniently placing their toilet paper roll holder.

What kind of towel holder do I need for bathroom?

SunnyPoint Heavy Weight Classic Decorative Metal Fingertip Towel Holder Stand for Bathroom, Kitchen, Vanity and Countertops. (Brush Chrome, 13.375″ x 5.5 x 6.75 INCH) . Wet towels and bathrobes hanging over the tub edge or the shower rod create a very untidy look in the bathroom.

How tall should a hand towel ring be?

Your hand towel ring should measure between 50 and 52 inches from the floor. If your bathroom is geared more towards children, then you might want to consider lowering the bar for them a bit. Unless you plan to have them use a step stool, you can lower the hand towel ring to roughly 36 inches until they are tall enough to reach higher.

Which is the best towel rack to buy?

JQK Double Towel Bar, 12 Inch Stainless Steel Towel Rack Holder for Bathroom Washcloths and… BGL Bathroom Accessory Set, Brushed Gold Adjustable Expandable Towel Bar 4-Piece Towel…