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How fast is a Honda CBR600F?

How fast is a Honda CBR600F?


Model Honda CBR600F Honda CBR600F4i
Top speed 155 mph (249 km/h)
Transmission six-speed
Tires Front:110/80-17 Rear: 130/80-17 Front:120/70-17 Rear: 180/55-17
Frame Steel twin spar frame Aluminum twin-spar, box-section

Is a CBR600F a good first bike?

In addition the CBR600F is a supersports which means: brakes designed to haul you down from 160mph using only two fingers, top heavy weight distribution so it flicks from side to side very quickly and it does not have the CB500s linear power distribution. It is NOT an ideal first bike.

Is a 2001 Honda CBR 600 fuel injected?

Honda’s latest programmed fuel injection (PGM-FI) and electronic digital ignition maximize power output and offer immediate throttle response.

Can I ride a CBR 600 on A2 Licence?

Yes, you can ride the Honda CBR600F (1987 – 1990) on an A2 motorbike licence.

What kind of bike is the Honda CBR600F?

From this point on, two Honda CBR600s would run concurrently: the Honda CBR600F and the Honda CBR600FS (now superseded by the Honda CBR600RR). One a sporty all-rounder, the other, a full-on sportsbike.

When did the Kawasaki CBR600RR come out?

The 600 class went a bit doolally in 2003. Kawasaki launched the ultra track focussed, all new ZX-6R, Honda released the equally race biased CBR600RR, the Yamaha R6 took a step in that direction too while the GSX-R600 was already a full-on head banger.

Is there a Honda CBR600F with fuel injection?

Honda CBR600F continues with colour changes only. Honda CBR600FS: Introduced at the same time as the CBR600F version, with fuel injection, it was the sportier model which had a two-piece seat, no centre stand plus engine and suspension modifications.

Is the Kawasaki ZZR600 a good bike?

Generally, build quality is good but many Kawasaki ZZ-R600s get ridden throughout winter so older models can look a bit scruffy.