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How do you write accounting achievements on a resume?

How do you write accounting achievements on a resume?

Here are five basic, highly valued types of accomplishment statements for accounting resumes:Timely, accurate information.Internal controls.Ability to use systems productively.Works well with others.Technical & business expertise.

Why do I need to list my work achievements?

Listing achievements instead of responsibilities can really boost your chances of getting hired. You can mention achievements in your resume summary and work experience section. If you don’t have much work experience, you can also use achievements in education, volunteering, or projects sections.

What are your achievements as an accountant?

Accountant Accomplishments and Achievements for ResumeRevamped the accounting system, which ended up in increased efficiency in handling accounting controls.Reduced paperwork by 50% by converting all accounting procedures to an electronic form.Expanded the accounting department’s efficiency by 30% through rigorous training of accounting staff.