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How do you specify next of kin?

How do you specify next of kin?

It should be someone that you trust and feel close to. It is very often a husband, wife or civil partner, or someone that you live with. It does not have to be a blood relative; it can be a good friend. You can give the name of more than one next of kin.

What is the order of next of kin UK?

There is no universal legal definition of next of kin in the UK, but there are particular circumstances where the phrase is used in legislation. In the Mental Health Act 2005 there is a list of family members in obvious priority order – spouse, child, parent, sibling, grandparent, grandchild, uncle/aunt, nephew/niece.

Who is legal next of kin for medical decisions?

If a person doesn’t have decision-making capacity, decisions about health care or medical treatment should be made by his or her ‘next of kin’. No. ‘Next of kin’ is an informal term commonly used to refer to a person’s immediate or close family members.

Does next of kin have to pay for funeral?

Next of Kin who are unable or unwilling to meet funeral costs. If they are unable to afford this, the hospital could pay for the funeral. If the next of kin can afford to pay for the funeral, they must do so. If they remain unwilling, the matter should be referred to the local authority.

How do you determine the next of kin?

Find your state’s statute. In the United States, a person’s “next of kin” is determined by state statute. Typically, you will want to know this information if someone dies without making a will. The person’s next of kin then inherit any estate property.

What does “next of kin” refer to legally?

In general, next of kin means one’s closest living blood relatives. The term has important legal meaning in regard to inheritance rights and medical decisions. If someone creates a will, they get to decide who will be the beneficiaries of their estate. They can designate any family members as beneficiaries or bypass their family altogether.

Who would be the next of kin?

Next of kin may refer to someone who is the closest blood relation of someone who is incapacitated. Next of kin may include people who are associated by affinity, such as spouses. A person’s next of kin may be required to make medical decisions on his or her behalf.

Who is your legal next of kin?

Typically, your spouse and children will serve as your next of kin. If you have no spouse or children, then your parents and siblings often qualify as next of kin, though this will differ depending on the state. In the United Kingdom, the term “next of kin” has a different meaning.