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How do you say hosted on an invitation?

How do you say hosted on an invitation?

List the name of the host(s) / hostess(es) / parent(s) giving the party. List an RSVP with a phone number and/or email address and a date you would like your guests to RSVP by.

How do I list multiple hosts on an invitation?

If there are multiple hosts, etiquette says to list the names in alphabetical order. I also suggest making it as concise as possible (i.e. instead of listing everyones name put that the shower was hosted by “Jessica’s Bridesmaids” or “Jessica’s Family”).

Should the man’s name come first on a wedding invitation?

The name of the bride always precedes the groom’s name. Formal invitations issued by the bride’s parents refer to her by her first and middle names, the groom by his full name and title; if the couple is hosting by themselves, their titles are optional.

What is proper invitation etiquette?

WORDING: Don’t get wordy. Only the party details, reason for the party (like a birthday, anniversary), date, time, location, host and rsvp info belong on the invitation. Do not include directions, accommodations or where you’re registered. When in doubt, guests can ask when they reply to the invitation.

What’s the proper way to word a wedding invitation?

When couples are customizing their wedding invitations, the most-asked questions revolve around wording, particularly etiquette concerning who to include on the invitation. Wording your wedding invitations always begins with one key question: who is hosting the wedding?

Where is the host line on a wedding invitation?

Located at the very top of the invitation, the host line is where the name (s) of the event hosts appear. The hosts are typically the people who are paying for the wedding. Depending on who’s hosting, the wording will vary slightly: it could be one set of parents, both sets of parents, the couple and their parents together, or just the couple.

Are there etiquette rules for a wedding invitation?

The good news is that wedding invitation etiquette rules aren’t that complicated, after all. The rules are actually much simpler and straightforward than you think. And no matter the case, they’re there to serve as a guidelines.

Do you put a website address on a wedding invitation?

You also have the option of having people RSVP via your wedding website. If that’s the case, include the website address on a separate card, just as you would with an RSVP card, and indicate that guests can let you know if they can come directly on the site.